Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015

I was up a little after 05:00 this morning and by 05:30 I was on line and working. I made sure to wake Linda at 06:00, or very close to that time, so she could get the girls up and moving. I needed to work on a couple of things, so I wasn't of much assistance to her, though I did wake up the girls. The girls were particularly excited today, because they were going to get to see their mother, after school. This is good because we've had them for just over four weeks now, and kids need their mothers. 

Linda got the girls over to the school and then took on the tasks of working on the house and helping Jason get ready for his appointment. Me, I was pounding on the keyboard and doing my best to get some information together and ready for presentation. 

Jason had his appointment with Wound Care, at Balboa hospital, and I'm glad because I needed him to pick up some specific supplies. Because Jason is using a wound-vac he needs some different items that we normally don't have, and before he went to the appointment we were completely out. Needless to say I was a little anxious to see the resupply, and then I could relax a little. The report back from the folks at Wound Care was positive, in that the wound is looking better and the left side is now closed. I just hope it remains closed this time. I could tell Jason was happy to hear that the left side was closed, as he was thinking that they might never close.

Shortly after Jason got home we received a call from the school, that the girls had not been picked up by their mother. This put us in to a bit of a blitz mode. We needed to finish up what we were doing and get out of the house in a matter of a couple of minutes, so we could go get the girls. Jason was quickly texting her to find out what happened, and found out that it was a matter of her making a couple of poor choices, but she was now on the way. Even so, Linda and I were on our way to pick up the girls, and to say the least, they were not happy to see us. They were expecting their mom and she was a no show. As we pulled into the driveway Jason sent Linda a text and told us that the mother was on her way. This was very good news for the girls, and actually for us as well. They got to see each other, and they will be together for a couple of days.

I was able to get back to work and finish up a few things, and then we all had dinner. I fixed some spaghetti and the three of us enjoyed a nice relaxed meal. While all this was going on, Carolyn, our new health aid worker, was taking care of Jason, and some of the tasks around the house, and as we sat down, she was headed out the door, and her shift was over. I think she is going to work out well, as her personality fits well with Jason's, and she has a son who is about Jason's age. He is also in the Army, so they have an area they can talk about - the military.

The evening ended with Linda and I heading down to Babys R Us, to do a car seat exchange. They were running a special on "booster" seat, that they would provide a sizable discount if you brought in an old car seat. The girls no longer need the car seats, as they've out grown them, and so now we have two new boosters that they like better, and we like them better because they're a little easier to work with. After that we just came home and now I'm finishing the blog. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 29, 2015

Some times, things happen the same way, each day, that it makes it difficult to start the post on this blog. And, today was just another one of those days, except that we got up at 06:00 (I actually got up at 05:50) and started our day. Linda went to bed feeling like she had been drug through a ringer, with aches all over, and in the morning she still felt pretty much the same way. Fortunately, whatever it was giving her all the problems seems to have been beaten by her system and she is feeling more like her regular self again. I was concerned that she had caught a flue bug or something and I am VERY glad to see that she is better.

She still managed to get things going and had the girls off to school on time. I helped a little, but then I had to get to work, as we're working on a bit of a deadline. I think I was able to get a considerable step closer to meeting that deadline, so I feel pretty good about it. I knew going into the job and working again, it was going to be a challenge for us, and now it is really making it clear just how much of a challenge. I still very much want to go to Jason's appointments, so I can talk with the medical folks, though now it is almost impossible to do so. I'm glad that Linda has stepped up and is doing it, so that we still have an extra set of eyes and ears there.

Speaking of extra eyes and ears - I heard from the folks at Cal Poly and they are very excited to be moving forward with the project. I need to reach out to them tomorrow or Thursday, just to be sure they have no questions, or are short on any information. If they can come up with a solution for Jason we are going to be so happy. She has also taken on the task of interviewing potential new health aids, for Jason. Today was Joselynn's last day, so we need to get someone (or multiple someones) in to help out. Joselynn has been a very good support for us, and she will be a tough act to follow, for whom ever we bring in. We've spoken with four candidates so far, and we still have a couple more to talk to. The problem is that when we lived in Pt. Loma it was about a 25 minute drive for Joselynn. Now that we're up in Fallbrook, it is about an hour, and that is just a little more than she can deal with on a regular basis. The good thing is that we'll still see her every now and then, and that, in itself, will be good. Our relationship is more like a family than employer, as we've gotten to know Robert, her husband and all three of her sons, very well.

Jason is continuing to heal back from that tissue breakdown, and I look forward to hearing what they have to say at Wound Care. The wound-vac is off right now, not because it has done its job, but because I needed to change it out and there was one key component, and I didn't have it. I can still pack the wound and that helps, its just the wound-vac is so much better.

Tonight, Linda bathed the girls while I did Jason's dressing change, and afterward she normally brushes out their hair. Today she only did Jackie's hair, and (drum roll please) Stacy brushed out her own hair. This is the first time for her brushing out her own very long hair and doing it completely. Linda has been teaching her how to brush her hair the past several weeks. Stacy was so very proud of herself and, between you and me, I think Linda was pretty proud of Stacy, too. Once everyone was done with showers and baths Jason went in to say good night to them, and that made me feel good. I always like it when he goes in to them and says good night. It is one of those small steps that makes him feel a little more like a normal dad. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27, 2015

Today was a little different, for one of our Sundays, in that Linda was headed off to a Blue Star Mothers luncheon, honoring Gold Star Mothers. For those that don't know - Gold Star Mothers are those that have had a child in the military and also lost a child due to a combat related incident. One of the things we learned today (both Lind and I) is that the last Sunday in September has been designated Gold Star Mothers Day, by Congress, and was done in 1936. The idea of the Gold Star was begun by President Woodrow Wilson, back in 1918, to give them recognition beyond the Blue Star, that was already known. Anyway, Linda was gone for most of the day, with fellow Blue Star Mothers - Loretta,Tina and Lynn, from her chapter. It sounded like she had a good time meeting all these new people, and spending time with friends.

While Linda was off doing this I was home with the girls and Jason. The girls wanted to go to a new park, Live Oak Park, that isn't too far from where we live now. Before leaving, Linda asked me to just relax and try not to do too much, around the house. I did my best to oblige and aside from some dishes and laundry, I didn't do too much. I also put in Jason's pet door, so the dogs can, theoretically, get in and out of the house, on their own; we just need to get them used to using it. I did get to watch a little 49er football, and it was very disappointing. It was like a good college team going up against a professional football team, and the 49ers were not the professionals. I think the next couple of years are going to be dedicated to rebuilding because they have gone through such an upheaval.

Tonight there was a lunar eclipse, and shortly after dinner, and getting the girls to bed, Linda and I were able to sit out on the patio and just relax and enjoy it. I went in and asked Jason if he'd like to come out and see it and he said, "no." A short time later he was out on the patio and took a look, with us. He didn't stay too long, and that is probably a good thing. We still want to have him stay down as much as possible. His wounds are healing up, and a big factor with that is the fact that he has been able to stay down. Also, while I was at the park with the girls, Jason had a visitor. Tim Kirk, the realtor who helped us find the property for Jason's house, came by and visited for about an hour. He was here when we got back from the park, and then stayed a little longer. It was good to see him visit with Jason, as I know Jason would really enjoy having more visitors right now.

One last thing I did today was to install Jason's pet door. It fits into the sliding class door, and is a bit more complicated than I thought it would be, Then again it does seem to work pretty well. So far Gracie is comfortable with it and Kojak is very caution about how it works. We'll see how things go, over the next several days. Thank you for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 26, 2015

We had a pretty good day today - especially considering all that we had on the task sheet. First we got up and made French Toast. I say, "We" because Linda basically put everything together and I did the cooking. A very nice, and unexpected aspect was that we had bought some of the "Texas Toast" to make the French toast, because it is so much thicker; and, when I was done cooking we were out of the bread and everyone had eaten all they wanted. I love it when there are very little left overs, and everybody is happy with a full tummy.

The next thing on the agenda was to take the girls to The Picture People, to take some up-to-date portraits of the girls. We had to drive over to Escondido, about 20 miles away and we really didn't have enough time to get there, for our appointment. We were supposed to be there at 11:15 and I think we got there about noon, or just a little before. The young woman working there, who greeted us, said it wouldn't be a problem and they would squeeze us in, and it shouldn't take too long. That probably would have been fine, if we hadn't had more to do, We ended up leaving right after Linda had set up another appointment. One of the interesting things that kind of bothered Linda and me, Was the fact that there seemed to be no record of Linda making the initial appointment, in the first place. As far as they were concerned, we weren't late at all, just a family wanting to get a picture taken. Linda was bothered, and I do recall her talking on the phone, making the appointment, so I don't understand why they had no record of it.

Well, we were headed back to the house, because Joselynn was coming over soon, and it would have been nice for us to be there. She arrived a few minutes before we did, and the reason she was there was because she wanted to help us put away as much of the garage as we could. The garage was full of things from the move, and that included two households. A little while, after we were working on getting things put away, Loretta also came over, with the idea that she would be able to help, too. With the girls now taking a nap, that kind of gave us a free hand in focusing on the garage. We continued working on it, until late in the evening, and it felt pretty good when we were done, for the day. We managed to get about 2/3 of one side of the garage put away, and there is now at least some room to move around in, and even Jason should be able to get around in his chair.

It was nice to have Joselynn and Loretta over to help, as they both work well with Linda and the two of them made short work of the tasks at hand. Loretta is spending the night, and she and Linda are going to be heading out together, in the morning for a Blue Star Mother event. I will be taking the girls to church, and Jason will be at the house with the dogs. Of course Jason needs to stay down now, so he won't be going anywhere. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Friday, September 25, 2015

September 26, 2015

Today was pretty much like what a Friday is supposed to be. The anticipation of the weekend coming and everyone is in a good mood (almost everyone - I'm sure there are some grumpy types out there). We (Linda and I) were able to get up before 06:00 and there was no rush to get going. I enjoy laid back days, with some minor targets to go for, but basically a relaxed day that we can take care of things, as we can get to them...

Okay, enough of the day dreaming... We did get up this morning and it was prior to 06:00, and the first thing I did was to push the on button on the computer and then go wash my face and brush my teeth. There was to be a big meeting this morning, and the team was getting together to make sure we had everything ready. There were no urgent emails for me to address, so I was able to help Linda a little in getting the girls up and going, and making sure Jason had some breakfast. Because we did get up early, there really wasn't much of a rush to do things, though on the other hand, we did need to keep focused on getting the girls up and ready for school

While Linda took the girls to school I managed to finish getting breakfast for Jason and myself, and then start working. As most of you know, I am working on a project for the VA, through the company, LongView. Because the company does just about all of its business with the government, the pending "shut down" is of concern and the management team sent out a notice to all employees. It was to let us know what to expect, if there is a shut down. Basically what it means is that I'll end up with a number of days off, and also no pay. That would be kind of a bummer, but my gut feel is that the folks in Washington will be able to get things together and the shut down will be avoided.

Jason, Linda and I interviewed some potential health aid workers, that would be coming in to help with taking care of Jason's needs. We have another candidate still to talk to, and then we'll make a decision. Both of the women we spoke with today seemed like strong candidate, so the choice may be difficult, though I think that is a good challenge to have. Once they come on board it will be a major relief of some of the load that Linda has been carrying, and maybe even some of my load.  Besides, I think Jason kind of liked doing the interview. He seemed very animated and engaged.

Tonight Linda and I were able to have a date-night. We had a friend come over to stay with the girls and Jason. Lori was very happy to do so, and she has known Jason for a few years now. Linda thought it would be a good idea to go see a movie, and so we went in that direction. When we were close to the theater there was plenty of time to get something to eat, so we did that instead. Once we were sitting down I said that I'd be happy just sitting there and talking - we didn't need to go to a movie. Linda kinda liked that idea, so that's what we ended up doing. We decided to go back home and pop some popcorn and watch one of our own movies (not sure what we're going to watch, and honestly, whatever she chooses is fine with me). Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 25, 2015

Today was a nice relaxed day for Jason and a pretty much normal day for Linda and the girls. However for me it was a particularly busy day, in that I didn't get done with work until about 21:00 tonight. There is a pretty big presentation coming up and we wanted to be sure it was done correctly. The challenge was that there wasn't a great deal of time to get it done. Therefore, we, my team, had to put in a number of later hours to get it all together. The positive is that it looks pretty good.

Linda and Jason had another visit from Lori, from the dog training that Jason goes to, and she stayed for a few hours. It was particularly nice because she stopped and picked up some sandwiches for us, and the one I had was very good. Actually, Linda and I had been to the same deli that she went to, to get the sandwiches, and we were happy to have found the place.

The girls had a good day in school and Jason had a relaxed day at home. Not much else went on, and it was nice to have a relaxed day for a change. I'm ready to call it a day and get some rest. Thank you for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23, 2015

Today is Stacy's Birthday! She is now seven years old and loving life to the fullest! We got up today and both girls were ready to get going bright and early, and there was no problem in trying to get them up. The plan was for them to be up and go to school, and then after school their mother was to pick them up from school, to celebrate Stacy's birthday then bring them back to Jason at about 20:00 (8pm). The girls have been with us for more than 3 weeks now, and this seemed like a good chance for them to get together, at least for a little while. The only problem is, that isn't quite how it happened.

The girls got to school on time, and in their class rooms, and then their mother showed up and pulled them out of school. She decided that they would spend the morning and early afternoon together, and go to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. After the "party" was over, they were brought back to Daddy's house and dropped off, at about 16:00 (4pm). The only thing missing from this was that there was no communication, to let us know that was what was going to happen. I had a doctor appointment to get my hand looked at (a problem with Trigger Finger), and Linda went with me... we left at about 14:30 (2:30pm) about an hour and a half before they arrived. Jason was comfortable with us going, as he was only going to be alone for a couple of hours, and if anything came up we had friends who would come right over. As it turned out, we needed the help of those friends.

Jason found out about the girls coming over about an hour or so, after we had left. Linda would not have gone with me, if we had known the girls were coming. As soon as Jason called Linda, to let her know what was happening, she jumped on the phone and called one of our new neighbors - Kelli. Kelli and her husband Bruce, came over immediately. Linda then called Loretta and she was able to come over a short time later. Loretta provided the coverage needed and even prepared dinner for Jason and the girls. Linda and I made it back to the house a little before 19:00 (7pm), with a big part of that due to traffic delays.

On top of all of this excitement, Linda and Jason went to Wound Care today and Jason took care of his wounds, late this morning. The good news is that the right side is looking better and they gave him a few extra supplies, when he came home. The other news is that he is still using a Wound Vac, and it looks like he will be needing to keep it on for another couple of weeks. This is unfortunate, as we were all hoping to go for a weekend in October, just to get a change. Now it looks like travel is going to remain limited to short/quick trips to the store, or trips for medical reasons.

We continue to deal with challenges, yet the overall attitude in the house is positive. Jason is doing well and we know that he will continue to mend. We just need to keep things in a positive light and God will help us get through this. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015

Today started on the earlier side, as we woke up at about 05:00, and then we just stayed in bed for another hour before actually getting up. It was a nice easy relaxed beginning to the day, and then after being up for about a half an hour it got busy. The girls were in their typical playful mood, which can be a bit of a hindrance when trying to get them going in the right direction. All they want to do is have fun and play, so we get to be the bad guy and make them focus more on what they should be doing. Fortunately we don't have to push too hard, though in fact, Linda is the one who usually has to do most of the redirecting.

 The girls were off to school and I was off to work. Jason was resting in his room and Linda was out taking care of most everything else. One thing, though, that happened today, Jason received a Roomba, vacuum system and that is going to help with some of the cleaning of the floor. This house has more hardwood floor than just about any other house I've seen. We don't have carpet anywhere.

One thing that did happen today, that was particularly nice, was that the Federal Recovery Coordinator called me today and we discussed the need to get things moving for Jason's seating system. She asked me to get her in touch with the team out of Cal Poly and to see what synergy the two groups could have together. She just needs me to make the connection, so I'll be moving on that tomorrow. I'd like to see a new system come up, to help Jason, as what he has currently just doesn't cut it.

Today is also Taco Tuesday, and staying with tradition, we fixed tacos. The girls were excited, as always, to have tacos and today we changed it up a little with Jason and I having burritos as well as a taco. Shortly after dinner, and after play time (all homework was already done), it was time for bed. I read them a story about Africa (Tanzania) and they enjoyed it. Tomorrow is Stacy's actual birthday, and she is very excited about it. Linda has a few surprises waiting for her, so it will be a good day. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

We got up a little on the late side, this morning, as it was about 06:20 when we rolled out of bed. I was okay, since I didn't need to get on the phone until 07:00, though Linda needed to get the girls going, and fed so she could get them to school. I spent the first part of the morning helping Linda and getting the girls up and moving. As it turned out, we were able to still have them up and ready, and then out the door, with time to spare.

Jason had a couple of visitors, as well as a technician dropped by to take a look at one of his chairs. The chair needs a new battery, and the tech said they would be shipped here. The other visitors, were Sherry and Chris (I probably spelled their names wrong), to women who are connected to the group who has been helping Jason with the training of Gracie, and we hope will be helping with training of Kojak. It was as much a social visit as a professional one. I think it was good for Jason to have a chance to speak with somebody outside of the group he has been dealing with for the past couple of weeks.

The girls had a good day at school and I think the high point of the day is the bus ride home. It is really kind of cute how they both look forward to being on the bus. Jackie was very happy to tell us that she had a green day (that's a good day in their class room language). Both girls are very happy to be at their school, and that is a very good thing indeed.

This evening was kind of laid back, and a little slower than the last few we've had. A big part of that is the weather. It wasn't near as hot today as it was yesterday, and in fact it rained this evening. It didn't rain much, but enough to get the windows wet. We had dinner and then the girls were in the bath, where Linda washed them, while I went to the store to pick up some milk. I also had to get some gas and the gas station I would have normally gone to was closed, due to construction. I needed fuel so I drove farther in to Fallbrook and that meant I was out a little longer than planned. When I got home the girls were listening to Linda read them a story. I was able to help them get into bed and then Linda and I did a little clean up and the blog. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 20, 2015

What a wonderful day, today has been. We woke up late, it was nearly 07:30, and we decided that today we were going to just stay home and not go anywhere. We needed a break and today was going to be that break. Yesterday was Stacy's party, and it was lots of fun, as well as doing a very good job of wearing out the girls (and us). They were both still asleep and so we decided to take advantage of the quiet and just relaxed in bed for a little while. We did manage to get up, a little after 08:00 and we went in and checked on Jason. That's where we found out the girls got up a little while after we had gotten back in bed, and they were in the room with Jason. They were watching cartoons and having a very good time.

 I decided to start breakfast and Linda started laundry (I think mine was more fun). By the time she was ready to sit down, breakfast was done. I scrambled some chorizo with egg and potatoes for Jason and I; I also made some French Toast for Stacy; and, Linda and Jackie were happy with some Wheat Chex cereal. The kitchen was probably a little messier than it would normally be for breakfast, but that was okay, it all tasted very good.

Linda wanted to get started on putting some things away, because we were going to be seeing the Pickettes, a little later in the afternoon (early evening). They were bringing Candy and Pumpkin back to us! Anne and Glenn have been caring for the cats, for over a year now, through the program, Dogs on Deployment (DoD). DoD is a non-profit (501c3) that helps military families locate "foster" homes for their pets, and we were grateful that the service was available to us. It has been rough on the cats, with all the moves, and now that they were really getting comfortable with the Pickettes, we moved them again - but at least this time they are back with us. Anne and Glenn have been wonderful with them, and they have been treated very well. We could not have asked for a better place for them to spend that year and a half.

Glenn and Anne brought the cats this evening, and then stayed for dinner. Both Stacy and Jackie were more excited about the cats coming than we were. When we went over to Anne and Glenn's place, to visit with them and the cats, we would sometimes take Stacy and Jackie with us. This allowed them to become more familiar with them, and I hope it allows the cats to become a little more acclimated to this "new" home, a little easier. Anyway, dinner was nice and relaxed, and they got to spend some time with Jason, discussing all kinds of things, just the way Jason likes it. He has an amazingly broad range of knowledge and enjoys talking about all sorts of different things.

One of the exciting things that Glenn showed us was a new app that is available for my phone. It's called the ISS Tracker (that's International Space Station). It allows you to see it, if it should pass overhead, and there was an iridium flair while we all stood outside. The app helps to let you know when they are going to happen. It was also nice just being able to go outside. Today it got up to about 105 degrees and there was a power outage. From what I understand there were many many people without power, and it lasted for a few hours. Fortunately, we have a generator and it worked just like it was supposed to. In fact, it was so smooth, I wasn't even aware of an outage until Jason told me about it. Everything is back to normal again, and the house has continued to be cool.

I'm not sure about tomorrow, as it is supposed to be another hot day, and yet it is also possible that it is going to rain. I used to think that weather in the SF Bay Area was a little strange, and now sometimes it gets very strange around here. Whatever happens, I'm going to enjoy it. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 19, 2015

Crazy-busy day for us, today, as we got up early so that we could make the final touches on Stacy's birthday party. There was cleaning to do and still preparations to be completed. The amazing thing was that we managed to get it all done, and before the first guests arrived. With Jason's new place here, parking is not an issue. The land, down by the road, is perfect as a parking area, and it is easy to get to. I had made up a sign and put it on a sawhorse, so when folks arrived they'd know where to go. We ended up with about seven vehicles parked in that area and no one was blocked in, in any way.

The girls were very excited as some of Stacy's friends from her new school and some from the previous school, were able to make it. Unfortunately not everyone was able to come though, and that did leave Stacy a little disappointed. It seemed to me like there were close to 20 or 30 kids here, but I know it was closer to 12. Jason had ordered a Jumpy House for the kids to play in and they all took advantage of the opportunity. I just wish there had been Jumpy Houses when I was growing up, they look like they're lots of fun.

Joselynn came with other members of her family, and she was a big help in getting things done. She works really well with Linda, and we were very happy she made it. She also brought us some pinto beans, that needed to finish cooking, so we can have them for our "Taco Tuesdays." After everyone left, Linda and I packaged up the beans into smaller amounts, to be used with meals later.

Another friend of Linda's came, Loretta, and she stayed after most of the rest of the people left, and helped Linda with working in the garage. They were focused on emptying boxes and getting things put away. The two of them managed to get through about 10 large boxes, and it was noticeable, the amount of progress they made. I was kept busy running around going back and forth, putting things away and doing a little more clean up on the out side of the house, while they both worked in the garage.

About the only down thing, with Stacy's party was that Jason was not comfortable getting out of the bed, to see her open gifts. Stacy went to open a couple of them in Jason's room, and thus he was included. Jason wasn't feeling well because of nerve pain that was suddenly giving him some extra challenges. Fortunately it wasn't something that was a constant problem, but it did happen enough that Jason did not want to get out of bed, and felt that staying down was the best thing for him to do, and to help with the healing.

After the party and after Loretta and Linda finished working on the garage, we went to an event to help support breast cancer awareness. We had originally planned on being there much earlier but due to other things Linda and I didn't get there until about half way through the event. We were both tired, so we didn't stay too long, though we did get a chance to speak with Tim and Kristie Kirk, and it was good to just sit down and talk with them. We headed back to the house after only being there about an hour, and that was long enough to visit and relax a little. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Friday, September 18, 2015


Some of you might be wondering what happened to the blog last night. Well, Linda and I actually got a "Date Night" in, and we went to a movie and dinner. The dinner was at a local Mexican restaurant and the food was pretty good, though I think some of the spiciness that was in Linda's made her tummy a little upset. Then we went on to a movie and saw, "No Escape." It was a very intense movie, and Owen Willson and Lake Bell did an amazing job, I was very pleased. We didn't go to the movie for the stars in the movie or for the content of the movie. We went because of the time it was shown, and it fit our open window of opportunity. As it turned out it was very intense for just about the entire movie, and as a result, that level of intensity, along with the spicy food, Linda's tummy was really going.

Prior to the getting out and doing something different, the day was busy enough and Linda continued
to plan for Stacy's birthday party (she'll be seven). Jason was in bed for most of the day and remained as positive as he always is. We did have a visit from the HOA, and they brought a welcoming gift for Jason. It is a flag that reflects that Jason was a part of the EOD team, and Jason really appreciated it. Otherwise there wasn't much to blog about.

Today was another day of great weather down here. We've had so many very hot (triple digit temps), and then got hit by some serious rain for a couple of days; it was nice to see a warm bright day with clear skies. Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day, and that is particularly good, as Stacy is celebrating a seventh birthday, and we are having a party. That means we expect to see a bunch of her friends from school as well as from Pt. Loma area. We'll see who makes it tomorrow.

That's about it for now. As you can tell, I'm doing this kind of late, again, and I'm getting tired. I really need to get more into a pattern of getting the blog done earlier. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015

Another wonderful, though busy, day here in Fallbrook. Linda and I got up before 06:00, and it was a good thing, because I had a conference call going right at 06:00. The benefit was that it provided a little extra time for Linda to get the girls up, and fed breakfast. My call lasted for about an hour and a short time after getting off the phone I was assisting Linda, helping to get the girls to their school. We also decided to go out to breakfast, since we both had a little "free" time, at that point. We made sure Jason was okay and we weren't gone for more than an hour.

Jason had a few appointments today, and Linda went with him to the various appointments, all of them being at Balboa. Jason ran into a few friends there and was able to do a little catching up, and so it was a very positive excursion for both of them. While they were gone I had work to do and then, a little while after the girls were out of school, I picked them up. They ride the bus over to a bus stop that is close to the house, so it works out really well for all of us.

Linda and Jason got home about 90 minutes after the girls so it was just the three of us, for a little while. I gave them a little snack and then they went off to play, while I cleaned up the kitchen. I was off work now, so it wasn't too difficult to be with the girls. Linda and Jason arrived and the girls were ready for them. A little while after that I started dinner, and Linda ran over to Target or Walmart, or maybe both, to pick up a few things. By the time she was home dinner was ready, or at least almost ready. After a few minutes we were all sitting down to eat and then it was about the end of the day - all except for a little play time, getting ready for bed, and, playing with Daddy. I'm not sure who has more fun, the girls or Jason - I just know it makes Linda and I happy.

One of the other things that happened today was that the fenced dog area was almost finished. They came in early and even though the ground was still a bit wet from yesterday's rain, they got started. They nearly got all the fencing done and one of the gates attached, so they should be able to finish it all up tomorrow. The work done today was enough that I felt comfortable letting Kojak run free, and boy did he run. It is the happiest I've seen him, with his tail all curled up and held up like a husky. I let them (Gracie was trotting around also) play for a little while, then we had to come in.

The day has come to a close and I'm actually getting a chance to work on the blog a little earlier than I typically do. The girls will be going to bed in a short while and then I'll be helping Jason with a shower. It is a little later than he usually showers, but it is the best time for today. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015

Another exciting day at the Ross household. We got up early, as I needed to be on a conference call at 05:30, and I got Linda up at 06:00. Actually, I broke away from the call, just so I could wake her up, as I was taking the call in another room. She got up and then we noticed something different about today - IT WAS RAINING!

The girls got up and it was instant excitement. Linda still managed to calm them down enough to get them ready and off to school. She wanted to get out a little earlier than normal, as rain usually means traffic is going to be much rougher than normal, but then reality was that she got out a few minutes later than normal. As it turned out, the girls got to class on time and Linda got back to the house in a reasonable amount of time.

While all this was going on the workers, who started working on the fence, yesterday, came back and took up where they left off. They did manage to get a few of the sections done, when they finally called it a day. It was raining pretty good by the time they left, and I understand that in the few hours that it did rain, we got about 1/2", and now it looks like it might rain again tomorrow, or at least tonight.

Jason is doing well, and he will be going in to Wound Care tomorrow. I'm sure they are going to be pleased with his progress, as healing is working well right now. He has really restricted his moving around, for these past several weeks, and it will be good to see things start to get back to a better state. On another note, an appointment came along for me to have my hand looked at. Of course that appointment won't be until next week, but at least an appointment exists.

Being that it is Tuesday, Linda fixed Tacos for the girls. We had gone to Costco, over in Temecula, and found where it was. We actually like it better than the one over in Vista, and it seems to be a little easier to get to. It was Costco, so we ended up spending more money than we probably should have, though everything we purchased was needed. Dinner was over and the girls got to go spend some time with Daddy, and also talk with their mother, since they've been with us for two weeks now. As it turns out, they are going to be spending another two weeks with us, as she has asked us to keep them again, until she finally gets settled in her new house. The girls were okay with it, and a little later were playing and having a great time in their rooms.

Not much else to go over tonight. The fence guys will probably be back tomorrow, as long as it doesn't rain. Otherwise I would guess they will be back in a couple of days, after it dries up a bit. It is supposed to rain some tonight or tomorrow, and then dry up over the next several days. During the dry weather they should be able to finish the fence, and then the dogs will have their play area. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

I was woken up at about 02:00 this morning, because Kojak wasn't feeling well, and had pooped on the floor, in Jason's room. Needless to say, I wasn't happy about having to do this, but I was the one who was awake, and I'd rather Linda stay in bed - as she will have to be getting the girls up and to school later in the morning. After getting it all cleaned up I told Jason that he needed to make a pet doctor appointment for Kojak, so we can find out why he has been having these stomach issues.

I went back to bed and finally got back to sleep, and then had to get up around 06:15, because Kojak had again, messed in the room. Linda was up this time and between us we were able to get the girls up and moving, the dog mess cleaned up and a short walk out in the backyard, and then a quick breakfast and I had to get to work. Fortunately, I don't have to travel far, and work right out of the bedroom (my "Office"). Linda finished getting the girls ready and their lunches packed, and then took them to school.

After Linda came back home she came in and told me that she would be taking the dogs down to the vet, and helping Jason to get them there. I wasn't too happy about Jason having to take the dogs down, but they are his dogs and he wanted to do it. On top of that his wounds are in better shape than they have been in several weeks, so I couldn't complain too much. As it was, they were gone for a couple of hours, and the doc was not able to say what was going on, just that tests were being sent out and lab work would be back later. He provided some antibiotics and some special food for Kojak, and now we just wait. Fortunately, what ever it was that he gave to Jason, sure seems to be working. Kojak seems to have settled his stomach down considerable, and Kojak likes the food.

One other big thing that happened today, specifically related to the dogs - the fence guys made some serious progress in putting together the "dog run" area. It looks to be close to the size of our home lot, up in Livermore - maybe bigger, so needless to say, the dogs will have plenty of room to run around, and we won't have to be getting up at early hours of the morning - I hope.

We fixed breakfast for dinner tonight, with me making pancakes with eggs and bacon, and the girls were very happy with it, as were all of us. Its a simple meal and it tastes good. Besides, the girls like the idea of having breakfast at night, and they think of it as an exciting way to have a meal. From this point it was a matter of just getting them to bed and Linda and I getting a chance to relax a little. We still had a few things to do, but it was at a slower pace. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 13, 2015

No post yesterday, for multiple reasons. I suppose I could have said that it was due to network issues, and though we are being challenged by the network (or lack of sometimes), that wouldn't be accurate. The reasons for not posting yesterday were basically related to two things a) there wasn't much to put in the blog; and, b) I was really tired yesterday, by the time I would have been able to get to the computer I just wanted to get some sleep. Jason is doing well, and he did get a shower in, and both of those are good things. We also unpacked a couple of boxes and put away a few more things, but generally it was a laid back kind of day.Though we did get to meet a couple of our neighbors, as they were walking their dogs on the street, or just happened to be driving by. We are feeling welcomed here, and that is a very good thing. About the biggest bit of excitement, though was that Linda was able to attend her first Blue Star Mothers meeting as 1st Vice President of the North County San Diego Blue Star Mothers. Anyway, on to today, and all that happened today.

We got up this morning and decided to head over to the Grace Presbyterian Church, over in Vista. We had met Pastor Tom, through a friend (also named Tom), over a year ago, and come to find out that we now live pretty close to where he and his wife live. One of the more interesting aspects of our getting to know Tom, is that Tom also grew up in the SF Bay Area. The going to the Grace Presbyterian followed breakfast, and the girls were very excited to go to Sunday School, again. We had a good time and it was nice getting a chance to meet some different folks, away from the house and away from work.

We were back home a little after noon, and so immediately Linda and I went into feed the girls mode, and fixed some lunch for them and Jason. A little after that they were down for a nap and we just kicked back and relaxed. We are in the midst of planning Stacy's seventh birthday party, and this gave us a chance to work on that, without interruptions. There are still things to be done, but I think we have most everything done, except get the cake. I was also able to help Jason with his shower and did a full vac exchange, and considering how long it has been, since I did my last change out, I was surprised at how well it went.

Tonight we had chicken and mashed potatoes. It was nice to have potatoes again, since we haven't had them in a while. The girls played for a little while after dinner and it was my turn to clean up, so  Linda read them a story, and they went to bed. Now I have time to get the blog updated and a post to put out for others to read. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015

Fourteen years ago, Jason was sitting with a bunch of other new recruits waiting to go to the MEPS so that he could become a Marine. He was eating breakfast and happened to look up at the T.V. and saw the news, only he thought it was a movie. He saw an airliner fly into one of the Twin Towers and then found out that it was real. The thought ran through his mind that something was very wrong and after the news caster said that it had been a hi-jacked plane, flown by some unknown middle easterners, he thought, "We're going to war over this one." How right he was. It did not change his mind in the slightest, about joining the Marines, and in fact, he was looking forward to it more.

The problem was that now all the transportation to get down to be inducted, had been shut down, and the folks in charge didn't know quite what to do. The recruits all got to spend another night at the hotel and then the next day parents and others were called to come get them, and they would "hold until further notice." The hold lasted another six days and Jason joined the Marines, still down in the San Diego area, just a week later. And that is what the start of his career looked like.

Today being September 11, is a day that will always be remembered by many people, just like December 7, is still remembered. As a way to honor those who died on that day we had a special visitor, Gary Sinise. He was also here to take part in filming a special program, that will air on PBS, and I believe it is called "The Next Home." We don't know when it will be shown, just that we have been told they will do their best to let us know when, so that we can watch it. CORE, who is a partner with the Gary Sinise Foundation, and did the "Smart" part of the Smart Home was a big part of the filming today, also. It was actually a lot of fun to have them here, and even the girls, Stacy and Jackie were able to join in the fun. Gary also got to spend some private time with Jason, and that was very nice, as well as good for Jason.

Jason managed to stay in bed, for just about all day today, as he is very determined to get the wounds to heal up. I think he is anxious to get some solid help in the seating solution that will allow him to stay in his chair longer, and he wants to move on to the next level of his recovery. There are some serious wheels turning right now, and I am hopeful that there is some positive outcome in the next two or three months. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 10, 2015

Wow! I feel like this is a special kind of post. I am entering into my blog and it isn't even 21:00 (9pm) yet. Of course, it still won't be posted until after Linda reads it and does her editing job, but still I think it is special that it is being written, early for a change. Actually, Linda doesn't read all of my posts, prior to them being posted, just most of them, over these past couple of years. I suppose most of you were able to tell when she had seen them and when she had not - that's why I asked her to check them out. I get going sometimes and use wrong words or missed words, and it makes it difficult to read, or make sense of it. Anyway, here goes.

I got up, right after Linda did. She had been thinking about Friday's activities and it made it more difficult to sleep. Tomorrow we are being filmed for a presentation and Linda wants the house to look better than brand new. She has been doing a great deal of extra cleaning and putting things away and though it has been making her tired, she has woken up these last couple of days, early. I had a few things to take care of this morning, too, so it was important for me to get up early, as well.

Jason has a wound-vac on his right side now, and last night it started to malfunction. I wanted to get with it first thing, and see if I could figure it out. Jason wanted me to do that as well, so I had a very cooperative patient to work with. It turned out to be a problem with the tape that provides some of the seal, where it had failed. We didn't have any spare/extra tape, so I couldn't fix it. I told Jason he was going to have to go back in, again, and that he would need to call in for an appointment. I had to get to work, so we left it at that.

By the time Jason was able to get in to see the folks at Wound Care, it was later in the day and I guess that is a good thing. I was able to sit through another tutorial on the wound-vac and they showed me how to take care of the tape, should it start to fail again. They also provided us with some extra tape, so we are covered, now. As it is, he won't have to go back to Wound Care until Wednesday of next week, and then he should be in much better shape. As it is, the wound is looking much better already and I'm feeling much better.

Joselynn came to help Linda work on the house, as the two of them took on the task of getting it ready for Friday. The place looks great and a few more things were put away. I expect that we'll have a great day tomorrow and then go into a wonderful weekend - as long as it starts to cool down, at least some. Thank you,  for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 9, 2015

Funny thing happened yesterday, with out "Smart" devices. The guys came out to instruct us on all the particulars of the different things we will be dealing with and they even gave a couple of tutorials on Security, and how the in-home communications works. They also helped load up on some of the music we each like, and it was all well and good. Jason had them do a password change on the Wi-Fi, and shortly after that is when we ran into trouble. I hadn't even given it a second thought that with the password changing that we would be knocked off the network and have to get back on. The getting back on was the tough part...

Jason had fallen asleep, by the time we (Linda and I) wanted to go on line and read some email. I thought no big deal, I'd just jump back on and enter the new password. Now, you have to appreciate that I haven't had to deal with an operating system in about a decade, other than to simply have it running on my computer, and the occasional software down load. Now I needed to enter the network access code, and I couldn't figure out how to get to the right place. Jason was out and I didn't want to wake him, as I prefer that he get all the sleep he needs. Anyway, to make a short story long... That is basically why there was no blog last night. It came to me this morning, as I was playing with the system, and once I figured it out, it was like nothing ever had changed.

I still need to see what we can do to increase our band width, so that Linda, Jason and I can all work on out systems, at the same time. Right now, if two are on, and ANYTHING else is going on that might affect the network, you can plan on the bandwidth to be back to completely taken. We understand that there is a possibility of another provider being close, so we're going to be checking that out, and if it is true, then we'll all be much happier.

Speaking of being happier (what a nice segue) Jason went to Wound Care, at Balboa today and they put on a wound-vac, to help with the healing of his wound on the right side. When we started there was a measurement of the depth of one aspect of the wound ,and we found out that it is now only half that size, and is looking better. Obviously, there is still much to be done, but knowing that it is much smaller than it was before is something to be happy about.

The girls experienced their second day on the school bus today, and it was another "E-ticket" ride for the both of them (For those that don't know what an E-ticket ride is, go talk to your oldest friend and ask them). Linda and I picked them up, at their bus stop, close to the house, and except for it being VERY hot today (another triple digit day), it would have been a perfect trip for them. As it was, it was close to being perfect in their eyes.

Rob and Pauline came by tonight and visited for a short while, and we found out that they were getting ready to move themselves. We took advantage of this and offered them some empty boxes. They were happy to take them, and we were happy to have them taken. We were wondering what we were going to be doing with the cardboard; and, now we know.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another hot day, though it did look a little like rain tonight (we sure could use some rain). My guess is that we'll have another few days of hot weather and then it will start cooling off and work its way to the Fall weather conditions and maybe by the end of October it will actually feel a little like Fall. Thanks, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

A busy day, especially considering it is Labor Day, a day that is meant to wind down and maybe even get a little rest. We did get some winding down in, and relatively early on, in the day, I took the girls out kite flying, again. They both seem to enjoy it, and because we have a prevailing breeze coming through, it is kind of easy to do. The down side is that by the time we were out and flying it was getting to be a little later in the morning, and the sun was definitely up. It got to be well above 90 today, and just standing there in the sun light wore me down just a little. We had fun, though, so I think it was well worth the effort (We also had plenty of sun block on).

After getting the girls down for their naps, Linda and I laid down to get a little rest as well. We were back up after only about an hour of laying down and started putting things away, and emptying boxes once again. I managed to get through five boxes and Linda did several, though I have to admit, I don't know how many. We have quite a pile of boxes on our back patio, and I've begun breaking them down, so they can be bundled together. Initially, we were wondering what we were going to be doing with all the boxes, and then we got a call from a friend, Pauline Frank, who happens to be getting ready for a move, also. She and Rob, her husband, are moving soon and they need some boxes for their own packing. This is very fortunate, and I hope it helps them. On top of that, it was simply good to hear from them.

Linda gave the girls a bath, right after dinner, and then I read them Paddington Bear, and they went to bed. Linda will take them to school tomorrow morning, and if all goes well, they will be riding the bus home. Linda still has to check on one piece of documentation, in the morning, and if it is all done, then they get to ride the bus home. They are both looking forward to it, and actually pretty excited. The way the bus route goes they will be dropped off pretty close to our driveway.

One of the things we need to get worked on here, is the network connectivity. Because we are kind of remote the signal strength isn't as strong as I would like it to be. The guys from eHome (the network company that set up much of the "smart" in this smart home) are coming out tomorrow to go over a few things, and network band-width is one of the items I will be pushing on. When Jason wants to stream a video, it effectively shuts down most of the other traffic. That means Linda and I have to wait to get email or most anything else we're doing, done.

Speaking of Jason, he is doing well and the wounds are continuing to heal up better. He is still limiting his time in the chair, and I am staying on top of the dressing changes, like they want me to. It should be just a matter of another week that he'll be back to being able to get around more. I know a number of folks out there have been wondering about it, and we appreciate the extra prayers that are coming in. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

September 6, 2015

We had a nice visit from Linda's parents, Joe and Jess, as they brought Linda's brother Tom, and Tom's wife Palmeira. They stayed for a couple of hours and got a nice tour of the house, and then we had Pizza for dinner. This was actually decided upon well before they came. Only Jess had spaghetti, as she isn't a big pizza fan.

There was some time visiting with Jason and playing with the girls, and then it was time for them to head on back home. It was getting late and they didn't want to have to be driving in the dark, any more than they had to. Joe was doing most of the driving, and he has a fractured wrist, so doing too much with the hands is kind of uncomfortable, and I don't think there are too many out there that enjoy driving at night anyway.

Jason spent a good portion of the day, relaxing in bed and watching a number of shows, while also doing different things on his phone. He has gotten pretty good at doing both and it helps to keep him from going a little stir-crazy. His wounds are progressing, and we are hopeful that they will continue to do so. I exchanged emails with Dr. Malone (if you remember, she is the surgeon who basically saved his life, once at Bethesda). I did my best to explain the situation with Jason and she expressed concern that more focus is needed for him. She is going to be helping get some of that focus for him and his wounds. It will start on Tuesday, next week, and build from there.

The rest of the day was focused on unpacking boxes and putting things away. It was a productive kind of day and now Linda and I are going to be able to go relax and do something we haven't done much lately - watch T.V. We might even enjoy a glass of wine and just enjoy each other's company. My guess is that it is going to be a fun evening. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5, 2015

Today the girls had a special visitor, and her name was Joselynn. It isn't the same Joselynn that comes to the house frequently, it is the daughter of one of the tile guys, who worked on Jason's bathroom, Joe. He came to the house this afternoon, to finish a project, and he asked if he could bring his daughter along, and both Stacy and Jackie were thrilled to have another little playmate. When we moved in, Linda had set up a play area, just for the girls, so having one more person to join in worked out just fine. Joselynn is older than Stacy, by about two years, and it was very cute to see Stacy get very nervous, prior to Joselynn's arrival. Stacy was concerned that they wouldn't play well together,
and as soon as Joselynn arrived, all the fears and concerns went out the door. They are about the same size, so that helps, and Stacy is mature for her age, and that helped as well. Over all, it was a very good visit, and they even were able to go out and fly kites together. Jackie needed a little help with that, but that's what grandpas are for.

Linda fixed French Toast for breakfast, with bacon, and it was wonderful. Both girls demonstrated that they have good appetites, and ate everything on their plates. After breakfast Linda took off to run some errands and do a little shopping and I started to unpack some boxes. I managed to get a few of them emptied, and even helped a little with the final touches on Jason's bathroom. Jason did take a shower today, before Joe arrived (with his daughter), and when I did the dressing change I was happy to see improvement. There is still going to be several more days before he is past this issue, though it is good to see improvement. What I need to do, is find out who I need to connect with to get even more traction for a better seating arrangement for Jason. I have been communicating with some people, but I would really feel better if I knew there were more, inside the VA, or within the Naval Hospital system focused on this. Seems like each time we talk with them, we get great lip service and then nothing more happens.

Also, tomorrow, Linda's parents, Joe and Jess are going to be coming for a visit, and they are bringing Linda's brother Tom and his wife along. They haven't see the house yet, and I haven't seen either of them in quite a long time, so it should be a pretty good visit. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4, 2015

We're going to be working towards getting settled in this new house, for the next several days, and even perhaps weeks. We have been emptying boxes, and I now have a small pile of broken down boxes on the patio. What I am going to need to figure out is how we're going to be getting rid of those boxes, once we're done emptying and breaking down. But, that isn't something I need to worry about right now.

Jason is doing better, though he is getting tired of just laying in bed. He only gets up to do very short activities, and then goes back to lay down. He is very aware of the need for him to stay down, and I'm glad he is that way. I would be uncomfortable trying to tell him to stay down, rather I'd like to just encourage him to stay down. As my grandmother used to say - "You get more done with honey than vinegar."

The modifications to Jason's shower are nearly completed, and should be done tomorrow. They are meant to allow him to have a more comfortable time transferring to and from the shower. The work involved in getting that done was pretty amazing, and it makes me appreciate even more the need to really take a look at things, before you start to work on them, to make sure you know what you're doing and you really know what you're getting.

Tomorrow I will be helping with the boxes and putting stuff away, and I have been breaking down boxes in the backyard, and will have more boxes tomorrow. The really big thing for tomorrow, though, will be helping the girls with flying kites. They each have a kite and because of the prevailing winds, around here, it should be relatively easy to get the kites to fly. At least that's what I keep telling myself. It will be fun and a nice break from unpacking. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 3, 2015

Linda and set a target of getting five boxes emptied and put away, each day. So far, I think we're on an average of closer to two. I'm of the opinion that if God had wanted us to get 5 boxes a day emptied he would have given me a lot more energy and time, to do it. Today, when I wasn't working or doing something else, I was working with contractors getting some work done around the house. I'm happy to say that Jason's shower looks like it will be completed tomorrow, and he'll be able to jump into the shower again. He will have been without a shower for almost three days, and that is quite long enough for all of us.

The other area being worked on is the network, wi-fi, and assorted digital items that are being used at this house. The network is functioning much better now and they installed a Blue-Ray player on Linda's and my side of the house. The technicians wanted to take some time to go over the operations of all of what they have done, but there wasn't time, so we will be going over it, tomorrow, and Jason will be a part of that conversation. The reason there was time today was because tonight was back-to-school night, and we took the girls to their school, where we got a chance to meet up with the teachers. They also served a taco dinner, for $5.00 each, so it didn't cost too much, and there was plenty of food. It was a good opportunity to meet the teachers and to hear what they had to say about their teaching styles. So far, the girls really like their teachers, and their new school. It is rated as one of the better schools, so we're very happy about that, as well.

I managed to get some traction with the wi-fi and my desk side computer, and some things are working better, but it is still not working like I want it. I am again, blogging on my laptop, and I will find some time to work on the desk system tomorrow... maybe right after I finish unpacking boxes with Linda ... ;-)

It feels like it has been a productive day, and along the way I must have done something, because I am feeling pretty tired right now. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2, 2015

You know, I feel like now that we have rolled into September, the year is just about over... and it is. We only have four more months to go, and one of those months, September, is getting shorter. I look forward to the holidays, here at the new Ross homestead. Because we have the extra room, we can have more people over and more importantly, we can have more family over.

It was a productive day, in that the folks who were involved with the building of the house, had some workers come over today, to work on Jason's shower. Because of the way it was designed, he has some difficulties in transferring from his chair to the shower. The solution is a simple one, and one that we should have caught earlier. It is a matter of notching out a section, near the bottom, so that the wheels of his chair have a place to go and thus the transfer will be easier. The opportunity to do it right the first time was there and none of us saw it, not even Jason, who was very involved in the design of the shower. Fortunately, like I said, the fix is rather simple - just that it will take a couple of days to complete.

I guess I should provide a little more update on Jason's wounds, now that we've had a couple days to digest the information, and I've done a dressing change on my own. I have been instructed on how to pack his wounds, and they gave us some new materials to work with, with the primary one being Silvercel. Their biggest concern is that the healing might start to tunnel, and so they have shown me how to work on it, and hopefully prevent it. He will be going back in on a weekly basis, again, until such time as the healing is well on its way to completion. The one big issue, that Jason doesn't like, is that he has to spend more time in bed, than he has had to, over the past few months.

Linda and I have been trying to figure out how we can get things put away more quickly, and it seems that our best solution is to simply take one step at a time. I know that may sound kind of silly, but if you don't go with the simple solution the level of work can become overwhelming and frustration can get the better of you. We did take some time out to go to Costco, and see what the local (well, not really local, but it is the closest Costco) store looks like. It is laid out differently from the stores we're familiar with,  but it is still pretty familiar anyway.

I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to get my other computer back on the network, so that I can share some pictures. Right now, they are all on the system that doesn't seem to want to "talk" to the network, and thus the pictures remained locked. We do have some nice ones, and I will get them posted, just as soon as I can. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1, 2015

Because it is getting late, again, and I am feeling a bit tired. I'm afraid I'm going to make a relatively short post.

First of all, Jason and I went to the hospital at Balboa and the primary reason was to get him in to see the folks at Wound Care and to see the doctor there. We were successful in both areas. They took a look at his right side and also expressed concern, because of how the tissue was healing up. What had happened was that a "tunnel" was forming and those can be problematic, if not taken care of. They showed me what I needed to do, and I think, over the next several weeks, I can get him back on track, like we want. We also discussed his chair, and some of the challenges he was having with it, and now that is being address, as well. If we can get both of those corrected, I believe it will be a much better Fall and Winter for all of us.

Otherwise, Linda spent a great deal of time unpacking boxes and putting things away. The challenge with this is that there is extra work with unpacking, as any dishes that come out, automatically have to be washed, before they can be put away. Therefore, Linda not only is unpacking boxes, she is also doing a great deal of washing. I am helping as well, but I would guess that the division is around 75/25. We will get through this and in the end, this is going to be a better environment for all of us.

The girls were treated to another story, from Daddy, and afterward Linda had them in bed. Earlier in the evening, Linda had given them a bath, and that always seems to make for a more comfortable sleep. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.