September 15, 2015

Another exciting day at the Ross household. We got up early, as I needed to be on a conference call at 05:30, and I got Linda up at 06:00. Actually, I broke away from the call, just so I could wake her up, as I was taking the call in another room. She got up and then we noticed something different about today - IT WAS RAINING!

The girls got up and it was instant excitement. Linda still managed to calm them down enough to get them ready and off to school. She wanted to get out a little earlier than normal, as rain usually means traffic is going to be much rougher than normal, but then reality was that she got out a few minutes later than normal. As it turned out, the girls got to class on time and Linda got back to the house in a reasonable amount of time.

While all this was going on the workers, who started working on the fence, yesterday, came back and took up where they left off. They did manage to get a few of the sections done, when they finally called it a day. It was raining pretty good by the time they left, and I understand that in the few hours that it did rain, we got about 1/2", and now it looks like it might rain again tomorrow, or at least tonight.

Jason is doing well, and he will be going in to Wound Care tomorrow. I'm sure they are going to be pleased with his progress, as healing is working well right now. He has really restricted his moving around, for these past several weeks, and it will be good to see things start to get back to a better state. On another note, an appointment came along for me to have my hand looked at. Of course that appointment won't be until next week, but at least an appointment exists.

Being that it is Tuesday, Linda fixed Tacos for the girls. We had gone to Costco, over in Temecula, and found where it was. We actually like it better than the one over in Vista, and it seems to be a little easier to get to. It was Costco, so we ended up spending more money than we probably should have, though everything we purchased was needed. Dinner was over and the girls got to go spend some time with Daddy, and also talk with their mother, since they've been with us for two weeks now. As it turns out, they are going to be spending another two weeks with us, as she has asked us to keep them again, until she finally gets settled in her new house. The girls were okay with it, and a little later were playing and having a great time in their rooms.

Not much else to go over tonight. The fence guys will probably be back tomorrow, as long as it doesn't rain. Otherwise I would guess they will be back in a couple of days, after it dries up a bit. It is supposed to rain some tonight or tomorrow, and then dry up over the next several days. During the dry weather they should be able to finish the fence, and then the dogs will have their play area. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
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January 2017

January 2017
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