August 10, 2011 - Five Months

All, sorry for not putting up a post last night but due to a few other distractions I was kept from the blog, and when I finally did get to it, the wifi was having problems so I finally just went to bed. Anyway, Jason is doing well, and the visit to the PACU was a good one. They cleaned and redressed his wounds and for the most part he was comfortable. The only associated challenge to this was that for some reason a minor error happened with the scheduling and Jason didn't get to go down early, so he had to wait a bit longer than usual. They came in and apologize for the mix up and Jason was his normal gracious self with a "no harm, no foul" attitude.

David and Miriam were able to spend more time with Jason, and Dylan was pretty happy to be able to see Uncle Jason again. Of course Dylan is a pretty active kinda guy so he was all over the room (and 5th floor), talking to everybody and generally having a great time. Everybody who saw him thought he was a treat and so happy. I think it made Jason feel extra good, just to be able to visit with Dylan. It always makes Jason happy when he gets to visit with David, and to have Miriam and Dylan along makes it that much better. The sad part is that they do have to go back home on Thursday.

Not too much in the way of visitors today, and a big part of that was because of how his schedule got thrown a bit out of the normal routine. He did have PT though, and he again demonstrated just how strong he was getting. He is able to lift himself off the bed completely now, using the trapeze, and this is a major step at getting to the point of not needing any help in getting into his chair. Funny thing is that he can do these type lifts in his bed, and he can do pushups pretty well now, but he still has difficulties in doing a more normal pull up. I guess this more associated with his shoulder strength, and that still has to be worked on. We are all feeling proud of Jason and how he is coming along right now, as we know that there are many great things to come.

Thank you, all for your support and prayers, as we continue down this road.


  1. Hi Jason - I read this quote today and I thought of you in the most positive way - rest well Jason.

    A challenge is an opportunity to prove your ability to yourself, and others.
    -Joe Brown

    Marine Mom


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