August 26, 2011

Jason went to the PACU today and they did the wash out and dressing change. Because of the H.O. there was an effort to provide additional padding of the bandages, on the area that is closest to the H.O. It seemed to have helped as Jason wasn't experiencing as much discomfort as he has in the recent past, and his spirits were up a little more, than they have been in the past few days. When he went to the PACU he went down a little later in the morning, so as a result he ended up coming back to his room a little later than typical. It all worked out pretty good though as I had made a Taco Bell run and brought him back some food, and I got to his room about 10 minutes after he did (it usually takes about 10 minutes to get him all set back up when he get back in his room).

After he was done eating his lunch we got him ready and in his chair so that he could head down to P.T. He did almost all of his exercises from within his chair, working on his trunk and arms, and "walking" back and forth in the chair. The "walking" was kind of uncomfortable for him so it was stopped after just a few movements. Because we don't know what this weekend is going to be like, with the hurricane coming, Jason asked to bring the weights back to his room, and that way he can continue to work with them, and it gives him something more to do.

He had a visit from Ray F., an Army Captain who was injured back in 2007. Linda and I have gotten to know Ray and his wife, because of the various places we all tend to go here on the base, and so I asked Ray to come up and see Jason. Ray is a very high energy kinda guy and loves to have conversation, and I think that is something that Jason needs to have sometimes, so it was probably good for both of them. Ray is also being admitted to the 4th floor because he is going to be having surgery again to help with more healing of his wounds. Aside from the medical staff, and family (Linda and I), Ray was the only visitor today.

Well, from that previous paragraph you can tell that Linda is now back out here. She wasn't going to be coming back out originally, but due to some things happening and opportunities coming up she has been able to take another 11 days to be here. If nothing else, I'm happy about it... ;-)

Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support. Please ask for protection for all the folks on the East Coast as Irene comes on shore.


  1. YOu guys are under a tornado watch right now too....please be careful out there.

  2. Hi Jason - what a surprise to read that your Mom was back for a visit. How nice for all of you. Hi Linda! I keep reading about you getting our in your chair more, nice to get a change of scenery right? I'm out in California today with my Marine so I am missing all of the hurricane weather. It feels very strange watching it just on TV.

    Take care today Jason, more prayers your way so you can keep on the road to progress in your healing.

    Marine Mom

  3. I was in the DC area this day, but it was a whirlwind tour and I didn't want to take any chances of missing my flight out. If I can make it in the future, can you have visits from normal people?
    BTW, I'm new to the blog. What is H.O.?
    Dale Jones


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