August 7, 2011 - A nice quiet day

Jason had another of his many quiet days today, as he went to the PACU and had another washout done. He is in good spirits and is starting to become a bit more restless in his bed, so I would suspect that he is going to be working even harder on getting his strength back and being able to get out more. Of course "get out" means simply getting out of bed and maybe the occasional trip outside of the hospital, as he still has to beat the rest of those pesky infections. Once THAT has happened, then he is ready to truly "get out" and see the rest of the world.

On a very positive side, David has come back again to spend a few more days with Jason and this time he brought along the rest of his family. It was so great to see Miriam and Dylan (their son). We hadn't seen Dylan since last Christmas, and this is the first time for Jason, and his girls to actually meet him. Bridgette is supposed to be getting back tomorrow and then she can meet him too. When we have more of the family here it feels so much better, and the strength that is generated could power the energy needs of the rest of the country (OK, maybe a little exaggeration, but I think you get the picture).

Not much else to go over today, as for the most part it was a quiet day for Jason and he got some rest. Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support, and please keep all those who serve in your hearts.


  1. Hugs to all of you- love the idea of Thanksgiving dinner in August ;)
    Would love to see the photos of our visit when you have time...Seeing you all was an inspiration. Don't hesitate if you need us to do anything on this end...
    Love Carol


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