June 14, 2014

We took the girls to the fair today, and had a great time... Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself here.

This morning Linda took off early to go meet with the San Diego North County Chapter  Blue Star Moms, and to check out their organization in this area. She was moderately active with them up in the S.F. Bay Area and thought it would be a good idea to connect down here. The meeting was early, and also at the Fair Grounds, so she made a couple of trips to the fair today. The meeting was exactly what she was hoping for and Linda felt very positive about the people she met, as well as being able to help with the group down here.

While she was up in Del Mar (where the Fair Grounds are) I was down here with Jason and the girls, and then later in the morning, with George, our eldest son. He flew in to spend Father's Day weekend with us so we had our own "meeting" and it was fun. We, the girls and I, went to the airport to pick him up and then came back to the house. We did a little visiting and goofing around, that's what uncles are supposed to do, and then the girls went down for their nap. The deal was that they would get to go to the fair, after they had their nap, so it was an easy trip to the bedroom this time. Shortly after they went down Linda got home and we all got in a little rest and visiting, so we would be able to go to the fair as well.

When the girls got up, one of the first things out of their mouth was, "Are we going to the fair now?" Obviously they were anxious, so we pulled everything together, and then got ready to go. The only down side was that Jason wasn't going with us. He was dealing with a bad headache and didn't want to go. He gets them every now and then, and the quiet house was probably the best thing for him. When we got back from the fair he was feeling better, and the headache was almost gone.

At the fair we had a great time. We went over to visit at the Liberty Foundation, and rang the bell they had there, to honor people in the military, both past and present. I had actually rung the bell previously, for Jason, and this time I rang it for my father, who was a WWII veteran (Navy). I was glad to see that they were kind of busy, and some money was coming in for their organization. We all moved on to get something to eat, and actually had our meal with Anthony Netto (founder of Stand Up And Play), who we saw at the fair. The meal was exactly what you would expect to eat at the fair, and Linda even had a turkey leg (we all helped to eat). From there we took the girls to the rides and to visit with the farm animals. Stacy was a little nervous around some of them, but Jackie wasn't intimidated in the least. Both of them really enjoyed the rabbits the best, and the best part was they were the last thing we saw, prior to leaving.

We came home and found that Jason was feeling better, and we were all tired. The girls didn't fall asleep on the way home though, and that surprised me. I think Linda  managed to keep them active enough, on the drive home so that they wouldn't fall asleep. They went to bed easily and the end of the day was with us. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and support. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
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January 2017
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