June 27, 2014

This morning started of pretty early, as Jason needed to be at the hospital, for a procedure, at 06:15, and that meant I had to get up at 05:15. Now I know there are a few of you out there saying to yourself, "Hey, that isn't so early, I used to get up at XX:XX (fill in the time you want) all the time." Well, as it was, Linda and I got to bed late last night, and due to other things, didn't sleep well. Funny thing is, I woke up at 05:16, without an alarm clock, and just got moving. Funny how the body works...

Anyway, we made it to the hospital with time to spare (about 10 minutes), and when we left the house we knew that Linda was already getting up as well, so the girls would be able to get to their activities this morning. Jason and I went in and in a short while a corpsman came in and began to work with Jason, by taking the basics and his vitals (blood pressure, pulse, temp, etc.), and then a few moments later we were led down to the P.A.C.U. to get ready for the procedure. There was plenty of time for Jason and I to talk about nothing and discuss some of the silly things we'd seen on the web - most of it was stuff that Jason saw - and that took about 30 minutes. Then the stream of visitors started to come in; most of them were nurses, though there were plenty of them were doctors, too. By the time all the "visiting" was done, it was almost 08:30 and it was time for Jason to go off to the O.R. I know it is a safety thing, but it is amazing how many times Jason had to tell them his full name and a bunch of other identifying information. In the end everything went as it should and he was alright, so I guess it is a good thing to have them do.

When Jason was done I met him on the fourth floor of the hospital, in the North wing. He was feeling uncomfortable, and that was pretty much related to the fact that he hadn't taken his pain meds, and it was now nearly 1/2 a day later. Fortunately they were able to jump on it right away and within a short while he was starting to feel better. As it was, he needed to stay at the hospital for another couple of hours, so that gave me a chance to head over to Stacy's Vacation Bible School, where a "show" was going to be going on. Grandma (Linda) has been going with Stacy all week and was a big part of putting their class together. I think it was probably one of the best fun filled weeks of Stacy's life (and maybe Linda's too). The best part was that I was able to get there in time and enjoyed the show.

After the show I had to head back to the hospital while Linda took the girls (when I came I had picked up Jackie from her day care) to lunch, and they all had a little more fun time together. When I got back to the hospital Jason was not only ready to get out, he was anxious to get out. You might even think he was getting tired of hospitals. One of the doctors who worked on Jason today was the same doctor who told him he needed to get out and do more things living and less time in the hospital. That was a big part of what was going on with this procedure. He wanted to be sure that Jason was able to get out and that there were no infections that would prevent him from going to have fun. Over the next couple of weeks that is what we are going to be working on, finding things to do and places to go.

Another reason that we want to get out more is that Jason also received a call from Northrup Grumman, and they want him to come in for an interview. I guess they were keeping an eye on him, as it has only been a few days since he retired, and they're asking him to come in for a possible position. To be honest, I'm pretty excited for him, and think he is going to have a great time. I told him I would help him with his resume, over these next few days, and that he should feel comfortable about going in.

The rest of the day has been pretty relaxed. I have the pictures ready for posting, that I was going to post yesterday (ran into some technical issues). This weekend is looking like we should have some fun, as well as a chance for me to get back on to the bike and go for a little longer ride. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive. (I posted the pictures on yesterdays post, since that was where I was going to put them originally.)


  1. George, hello ! I'm back at Bethesda again. Sitting behind the Navy Lodge pickin' the banjo, I just can't help thinking about Jason. I'm glad to see he continues to recover and has a job opportunity. Best wishes, HM1 Jim Champion


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