September 11, 2011 - Ten years later/6 months later

Today is the 10th anniversary of when Jason was supposed to initially join the Marines, and then the attack on the country happened. 9-11, as it is now commonly called, caused all the transportation centers to shut down and therefore Jason was not able to travel down to San Diego and had to delay his joining by 1 week. Then his career as a Marine began. Six months ago he arrived here at Bethesda, and we are still here, recovering from the injuries sustained, while in Afghanistan. One of the first things we talked about was 9-11, and then his being here for six months. It is still amazing that he can remain so up-beat for so long. He truly is a Marine's Marine.

We had a good day today, as we spent it visiting with several visitors; taking a good trip on the prone cart; and, getting a chance to rest when it was needed. I began this with "we" because I was over with Jason early this morning and stayed with him the entire day, except for the run to Popeye's to get him some red-beans and rice for dinner. It was a nice relaxed day that we enjoy anytime we get them.

Actually it started out with both of us eating oatmeal and raisins for breakfast. When I had arrived he had just finished ordering his breakfast so I waited for a few minutes and then went down to the galley and got some breakfast for me. When I got back to Jason's room I sat down and then his breakfast was brought in. I didn't know that he had ordered oatmeal until after it came in. I guess it's just an oatmeal (with raisins) kind of day. We talked awhile and discussed what he wanted to do today - getting out on the prone cart was a big item. We talked about his wounds and how they were coming along and that he was feeling better with less pain today. And, we talked about some of the things he would like to do, like going out on a fishing trip sometime. Later in the morning Linda (Mom) called and she and I talked for a few minutes, then she talked with Jason a few more minutes. We also just watched some TV, and sat back and relaxed for some of the time, then we had lunch.

Lunch was brought in by the Marine Moms group, and like usual they had too many good things. I wanted to take some of everything but the plate wouldn't hold it all. I had one of the nursing staff assist me by him carrying a plate for Jason, and we, again, had almost the same thing for lunch. The difference was that I had some of the chicken chili and he had baked beans, otherwise our plates were the same. When we were done eating I asked him if he would like to start getting ready for the prone cart and Jason said, "Sure." Just about that time Paul Andercyk, GnySgt Rick's fater-in-law, came in. We knew he was coming, just didn't know exactly when he was going to get here.

Paul's visit was an excellent one, as he brought something for Jason, from the golf tournament, and then let me know that shirts can still be ordered (some people have asked me and I didn't know for sure). Paul talked about a fishing trip with Jason, so it fit right in with what we had been discussing earlier. Then, while we were still talking to Paul, another set of visitors came in and presented Jason with an iPad. They are from the group, iPads for Warriors, a non-profit group. They didn't stay long, as they were delivering to the other guys on the ward. Right after they left Lt. Colonel Tartar and his wife came in to visit. They hadn't been here in over a month, so it was good to see them again. They talked with Jason about some of the other EOD techs, and what was going on, and I think it made Jason feel a bit more attached to his old team. Their stay lasted for nearly 30 minutes and then they were off to visit others. Paul enjoyed their being there too, as he was very active in the conversation, though he left shortly after Lt. Colonel Tarter and his wife.

Well, it was getting a bit later in the afternoon now, and I asked Jason if he was still interested in getting out on his cart, and he was. Jason was on the cart and heading down the corridor just as fast as we were able to get him there. He did five laps of the floor and decided that that was enough. Besides his left arm was showing some signs of being tired. The big thing with this time is that he nearly got himself on and off the cart, on his own. All I had to do was place the cart where it needed to be and he did nearly everything else... made me feel good.

Once we were done with that outing it was getting later so we went back into his room; he got back onto his bed; and, he turned on the TV. In about five minutes he was sound asleep. I just let him sleep, while I relaxed and read (something I'm doing my best to do when I get the chance). Jason slept until about 5:45pm and then we talked about dinner. He didn't want to eat from the galley and asked if I could go to Popeye's, and that is where we split on the meals - I didn't want Popeye's. I got a salad that had chicken in it, from the galley. A little later, after we were through eating, David and Miriam called, and I could hear Dylan in the background, and we talked for a short while. Then they talked with Jason. He really enjoys the phone calls from home, and being able to talk to David and Miriam.

That was how our day went today, and tomorrow he goes to the PACU for another procedure. Thank you, all for your prayers and support. Apologies for the type-o's as it is getting late for me and I'm getting sleepy.


  1. Love the new photo! Not nagging, but would still love to see pics of our visit with Jason...Love you all and am glad that you had a good day today...a powerful day for us all.
    Love Carol

  2. No matter what happens in life, the Lord is there, holding your hand, getting you through it! Praying!
    Psalms 73:23-24 Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand. Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.
    Prayer Bears
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