September 23, 2011 - Happy Birthday Stacy

Today is Stacy's 3rd birthday, and Jason did get the chance to wish his little girl a happy birthday. She had a nice little conversation with daddy, and it made him feel better than any medication. Jason is so looking forward to the chance to see his girls again, and hopes it isn't too far down the road. Otherwise, Jason had a good day in the PACU and at the MATC, and had a few visitors come by, with some of them being people he knows and others being people he now knows.

At the PACU he went in pretty early, just a few minutes after 07:00, and then he got back to his room just a short while after 10:00; so, he was only gone about three hours. I was back at his room by 10:15 and he was already there, and then a few minutes after that Dr. Malone came by to give us an update. She let us know that the wounds are looking better than they have and we are all feeling pretty positive with how all of this is going. The schedule is to get the grafting done next week, as long as nothing gets in the way, and the way we see it that shouldn't happen. Then the good doctor changed the direction of the conversation a bit and started to ask Jason about what he would like to do, now that he can get out for some short visits. One of the first things that came out was, "go fishing!" Well, as long as the weather is reasonable it looks like we, Jason and I, will be going fishing on Monday. We will be going out on the Chesapeake Bay and seeing what we can do to catch some of the larger fish in those waters. I'm not sure she would admit it, but I think Dr. Malone made a few things happen, so that this would be possible, including rescheduling Jason's PACU schedule.

Speaking of the PACU schedule, Jason will be headed for the PACU in the morning, and be looking at another wash out of his wounds. He is also going to be getting on to his prone cart for a hour or more tomorrow, just to get a little more air time on his back side. There are a few other things that Jason needs to be doing, besides the washouts, to insure a better healing. He has his meds to take on a regular routine; getting his exercise and PT in as often as he can; and, eating the right foods so that he gets adequate nourishment. All of this is aimed at getting him healthier, and helping his wounds to heal. While in the PACU Jason worked on a few more pieces of equipment, with all of them targeted at building his arms and shoulders. I didn't get pictures today, so I'll have to do that next week, when we get back down there again.

Lt. Colonel Tartar came by with a gentleman from the Pentagon, and visited for a few minutes, then he was off to see other Marines. He also said he would be going down to the MATC to catch some of the guys there, and to just get a chance to see it, since he hadn't seen it since it was at Walter Reed. When we got down to the MATC he was there talking with the other EOD Marines and making sure everyone was doing okay. There was another visitor, Phil, from Operation First Response, a group who is dedicated to helping the Marines and other Wounded Warriors, as many of the organizations are. The visit was a nice one and there really seemed to be a good connection with Jason, as he stayed for a good visit and Jason never seemed to get tired. Phil is a former Marine and a Sargent, just as Jason is, and the two of them seemed to have some common ground to discuss things.

Not much more to talk about right now, other than to say that Jason wanted Taco Bell tonight, and I used one of the gift cards he has received to get the food. We relaxed and watched some Kind of the Hill and then called it a night. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support as we go through this journey.


  1. Good day for you folks! Happy Birthday to little Stacey.

    It's too hot here, 100 every day this week. I'm ready for a trip to San Francisco for some fog.

    I wish I could meet Dr. Malone. I'm going to say a prayer of thanks for her :)

    Happy Autumn Jason & George,
    Karen & Rob Weaver
    Livermore Friends

  2. Tuesday, I saw a posting on the WWP Facebook site about Jason. Since that time I have read everyday of your blog from the beginning. I live in Norfolk VA, and the next time I am in northern VA I want to stop in. Memorial Day weekend, I was Brooke Medical Center, (BAMC) in San Antonio. My brother was in for a 8 hr surgery, he is retired Air Force. I saw many Wounded Warriors while at BAMC. On the plane back I was next to Anthony Villarreal another Wounded Warrior, his story is on the WWP site. I am the GM of large non-profit soccer club, Virginia Rush and the President of the state association, VYSA.Va Rush has been accepted as proud supporter of WWP and will be running 2 events in the coming year in addition to collecting donations. My father is 86, retired navy and served in WWII and Korean War. I will be launching the VA Rush WWP page today, and PR release requesting donations on Tuesday. (best day to get people to read email). 9/21, at the state board meeting, I told the board about my experience at BAMC and they support my challenge to all soccer clubs and leagues to adopt WWP. VA Rush has helped so many over the years and when I send out the call for assistance to others they respond. The campaign statewide will be launched next week.
    Jason does not think he is special,but he is and not because he is wounded. He is special because of his character. People who are not military or did not grown in a military family, just to not quite grasp the meaning of honor and duty. Honor and duty to country comes from character. Jason is special. Writers can be quite eloqent. I remember a line from a "Few Good Men." "They stand on the wall say nothing is going hurt you tonight." There has not been any additional attacks on our shores because Jason and those like him stand on the wall and say nothing is going to hurt you tonight, it will be me instead! That my friend is not just special it is extraordinary! Give my good wishes to Jason and the family.
    Denise Edwards
    Norfolk VA


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