September 30, 2011 - End of September

Today was a very important day in the treatment for Jason. He was given a special skin treatment and no skin graft. Now we have to wait a couple of weeks and then we'll know if the treatment took. There is a high degree of confidence that it will, however we are also aware of the alternate plan, if it does not. The doctors and staff here have been very good and supportive of Jason and helping him get through this, so we continue to feel that they are doing the right thing.

With that, all we are doing now is basically waiting. There are some activities we hope to do while we wait, and there is the pending promotion, so we do have things to keep us generally busy. An example of how our joint lives have been, when I left this evening the first thing out of Jason's mouth was, "Are you sure that I don't go to the PACU in the morning?" My response was, "I don't think you do, but I'll go check to make sure." Going for treatment, almost every day has become the "norm" so now we have to get back to the other norm.

Jason had a few visitors today, all from EOD, and it was very enjoyable for him. For whatever reason (I'm guessing training) the entire EOD shop from Okinawa, where Jason spent a good chunk of his EOD career, was here at Bethesda. There were 12-14 EOD techs and officers in his room, all at one time. They all spoke with Jason for several minutes and I had them all sign the Red Book before they left. Then I asked them to take a picture with Jason, and had all of them stand by his bed. Because there are so many of them you really can't tell who some of them are, but I still think it was a good shot. I asked Jason if he remembered some of the guys and he said he didn't know any of them really, and only recognized a couple that came in just prior to him leaving. Even so, they all treated him like a brother.

Tomorrow we're not planning to do much of anything, other than go for a walk if the weather holds. I did the laundry yesterday, so we don't have to worry about that for a few more days. It is probably going to be the most relaxed day Jason has had in several months, and actually with October coming in, that will be our seventh month since we came. The MATC is closed on weekends so I'm going to attempt for Jason to practice his transference from bed to chair and back again. That is, if he wants to and he is comfortable.

Not much else to go over today, as meals were straight from the galley, so no Taco Bell or Popeye's. I am going to ask everyone to continue to hold Jason in your hearts and please continue to pray for him and thank you for your support.


  1. Of course we will continue to hold Jason in our hearts and pray for him. He's our hero. :~) Thank you for keeping us updated as y'all make this journey to healing. Love, hugs, and prayers coming your way daily from the Roberts family in Tennessee. {{{{Jason}}}} {{{{George & Linda}}}}


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