September 6, 2011 - Happy Anniversary

Today is Jason and Bridgette's 3rd anniversary, and they aren't able to spend it together, due to other issues. Jason was able to give Bridgette a call and they talked for a short while, and I KNOW he is thinking that next year it will be better. He had a good visit to the PACU today, and they did a full dressing change. There was a bit of an issue with the colonization of bacteria on his wounds, the areas that are still open, and that is causing a bit of concern. They are going to be taking Jason in to the PACU on a daily basis now, for the next few days to do a wash and dressing change, and hope that they are able to get rid of the colonization. This is also going to add a few days to his healing road, so we are prepared to do what it takes to get this done.

There were no visitors today, though the USO came by and provided a fantastic lunch. Everybody was talking about it - everybody on the 4th floor that is. There was crab cakes, shrimp, pasta and sausage, salads, sandwiches, even desserts (though we didn't have any dessert this time). This wasn't typical of the donated luncheons, as Clyde's (a local restaurant) really out did themselves. The galley had a very good dinner too, as Jason ordered what he wanted. They brought it to his room, as they have adopted a program like the one that was going on at Walter Reed and I think everybody at the hospital likes the change. The menu is a bit more expanded and the patients all call in their individual orders and it is brought up when they want it. Almost like it was room service in a hotel. If you think this sounds good, don't worry, because it is.... ;-)

Linda went home early this morning. We actually came over very early in the morning and spent a little time with Jason, and then I took Linda to the airport. The traffic wasn't too bad going, though it was a little more congested returning. I did get back before Jason was back from the PACU, so I just relaxed a bit until he came back to his room. After lunch (mentioned above) we went to Physical Therapy (PT), where they put focus on his arms and trunk, and it was good to see Jason working as hard as he was, and also seeing him accomplish what he was able to do. The original goals from PT have been accomplished so it was determined that new ones were to be set. Jason gave a bunch of input on that so the team has new directions to go with Jason, and new vistas to achieve. Tomorrow, or at least later this week, the PT team will be taking him to the Americas Building, to see the new gym, and he will be able to see some of the things he will be able to do, real soon.

No new visitors today, as everyone who came in to see Jason was someone that he has seen multiple times in the past. This is actually a good thing as Jason had a busy day, and any new folks would have probably thought the pace a little fast. I want to thank you all, for your continued prayers and support, as we go down this highway.


  1. Thank you George, for keeping us updated on how our Hero Jason is doing. He is the "poster boy" for the saying "You can't keep a good man down." We pray for y'all every day here at the Roberts household in Tennessee. I don't always comment on your updates, but I read every one of them. Hugs to our Hero {{{{Jason}}}}

  2. Jason, keep you head up brother. It was great seeing you in such good spirits the other day (last week), I look forward to our next visit. We (Team X-T.R.E.M.E) are off to Camp Pendleton this weekend for the Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon and then a 9/11 Heroes Memorial Race in PA. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Talk to you soon. --Matt


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