September 2, 2011 - A Day Out On The Town

Today was an exceptional day for Jason, in that his visit to the PACU went well, and the doctors were all very pleased with how his wounds were healing up. There is a small about of colonization on some of the open wound areas, though none of it has shown any signs of turning in to an infection. He went in to the PACU at just after 7:00am and was back before 10:30am, and that is a nice short procedure. Jason will have the entire weekend off from any type treatment or dressing change, and in fact he doesn't have to go back in until next Tuesday. At that time he will be getting a dressing change and we are looking forward to another positive report.

Once he was back from the PACU he had a very quick and easy breakfast of cereal, and then just relaxed for a little while. It was very important that he get some relaxing in as he was to get ready to head out at 1:00pm. Today was a big day because we went out to Benihana's Japanese Steak House for lunch. This was the first time in almost six months that Jason was able to do anything or go anywhere, away from the hospital and the Naval Base. The folks in Physical Therapy made all the arrangements for transportation, and by leaving after 1:30pm (we started to get him ready at 1:00 to be ready to go at 1:30) the restaurant was pretty empty. We had seven people in our party, with two of them in wheelchairs, and the way they had the table set up, it worked perfectly. One of Jason's friends (Tim - he was in the other wheelchair) and his mother were able to come with us.

Jason and I ordered a meal called the "duet" where you can choose from a couple of choices. Everybody else ordered from their standard luncheon menu or had sushi. Because of what Jason and I ordered we were able to have the chef come to our table and prepare our food on the grill, so we got the full "show." On top of that the food was quite tasty, and everybody could tell that Jason was enjoying his lunch. The main concern we had was his pain management and we were out for almost 2 1/2 hours before we started back to the hospital. It was good that we did head back when we did because we got Jason back in to his bed at almost exactly three hours and I don't think he would have been able to stay out much longer without experiencing some serious pain and discomfort.

Jason had a visitor as we arrived back at the hospital. Cprl. Bronell was just getting to the hospital when we got there and just followed us up to his room. We were glad to see her as both Linda and I were tired (we had gotten up very early to make sure everything was ready) so we went back to the Lodge to get a little nap in. Then, after the nap we headed back over to his room and found out that he had had another visitor who left him "several tokens of appreciation" from the U.S Marshal's Office. Actually he was from Florida, and came as a result of a conversation with Congressman Bill Young. We were very impressed to know that he came to meet and talk with Jason, and he didn't even know him. Unlike the California Congressman who doesn't follow up on people from his area. We have no connection with Florida, yet they are showing more support from their congressional office than California. Makes me wonder...

We left Jason a short while ago, where he was watching King of The Hill. We'll be headed back to see him again in the morning, and probably getting out in his chair again. Today was a good day for Jason, and I think it did a great deal to boost his spirits up. Thank you, all for your continued support and prayers, Jason is making the strides forward, and he is going to be doing so much more.


  1. God is good, thank you so much for posting this blog each day. I learned about it from a friend and spent 4 hours reading all of oyur back blogs from day 1 to catch up on what was happening. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family each day.
    Diane Garber

  2. Wow! What a wonderful day! I think of Jason often as I have just finished my first week of PT school. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!!!

    Jessie Alexander

  3. That is awesome, three full hours out without meds and a tasty meal to boot. That is great news.
    Bill Buchanan


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