September 16, 2011

Today started with me heading over to see Jason, early, just prior to him going to the PACU. As it turned out, when I got there he was still asleep, so I just let him sleep, as they weren't coming to get him yet. After about 30 minutes I guess I bumped one of the little trays we bought and it was enough noise to wake him up, and we said good morning to each other. Then less than 5 minutes later the nurse came in and said they had called, and he needed to get ready to go down to the PACU. I helped get him ready and walked him out of his room, then told him I'd be back when he got back. Then we sat out in the hall way for about 5 minutes and the transport team showed up. I was actually a little surprised, and also pleased that we didn't have to wait too long, and he was off.

I went and ran a couple of errands and got some breakfast. When I saw that it was after 10:30am I headed back to his room, thinking that he would be there soon. Today was a very nice Fall day (I know, technically late Summer) and it wasn't hot at all, in fact kind of cool. Because of this I didn't mind walking to the hospital again, thinking I had plenty of time. As I arrived at his room, the door was closed, when it is usually open. I looked inside and there were two of his EOD buddies already there talking with him. He had gotten back just a few minutes prior to me getting there. It was a quick day in the PACU, and the doctors were very pleased with how his wounds looked. So much so that they said he would not have to go back in tomorrow, and that his next visit will be Sunday, and then take it from there.

Jason also went down to the MATC (Military Advanced Training Center - now everyone knows what it means) and had a great work out. He did hand cranks, rowing, and rope climb machines, and his arms were very tired when he was done. This was all good, yet the best thing was when he saw GnySgt John Hayes "walking" around the track. When we got here John was in the ICU part of the time that Jason was. He left a few weeks after Jason had arrived, and went to the 5th floor. John was the one that the doctors frequently compared Jason's wounds to, though Jason's are a bit more sever. It does show that there is a very good possibility that Jason will be able to walk, if that is what he wants to do, and the last time we talked about it, he wanted to.

There are some new activities coming up that off the campus/base that Jason said he was interested in going to, so we need to look into it early next week. Because of his schedule, and the schedule of the event we will need to be sure we have all the loose ends tied up, but I think it is a good possibility that he will be able to get out and enjoy things a little more.

Thank you, for your continued prayers of support and for keeping all the others included.


  1. Yes it was a glorious weather day here today and looks to be a great weekend too, more opportunity to enjoy the MD weather. Did you see the pink sky this evening?

    Jason - great to hear of the excellent news of your healing, those bacterial issues sure are tricky to wipe out. But it is getting done! Good medicine and the power of prayers.

    Take care!
    Marine Mom


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