March 16, 2012

Well, today was significant, in that Jason and I went to the movies, and actually watched a movie, in a theater. First time that has happened in over a year for Jason and he was pretty excited about it. Excited that is, until we got there... We went and saw John Carter and that part was okay (enjoyed the movie), the challenge was that we went to an AMC Theater and they don't have particularly good accommodations for people in wheelchairs. We ended up sitting close to the screen and off to the right, as that was pretty much the only place we could sit. The theater was nearly empty, so it wasn't a matter of all the other seats taken, it was the only place Jason could go - other than the other space on the other side of the screen, equally as poor. I was hoping that we were going to be able to get a little better seating, like they do at the Regal Theater back home, but that wasn't to be. The Regal has an open space for wheelchairs a little farther back, AND they're in the center, with room for at least four chairs. My guess is that Jason is not going to want to go to that theater again, so we'll just have to look around and hope we can come up with some type of alternative.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Jason didn't have any appointments today, and then tomorrow is Saturday. We didn't have a bunch to do around the house, and the weather was kind of gloomy outside, so we spent most of the day inside, either at the movie or the house. The movie, John Carter, was better than I expected, as the critics didn't seem to like it; and, the most important thing was that Jason enjoyed the movie. It was a bit of an escape for him, as that's what movies are supposed to do.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and Jason is in much better shape than he was last year. He is still in bed most of the time, but at least he isn't having to worry about when the next surgery is going to start, at least not right now anyway. God has given me a task and as long as He gives me the strength I will continue to serve in this capacity. Thank you, all for your continued support and prayers.


  1. How nice that you two were able to see a movie!

  2. Aloha!!

    I loved that movie! Titanic is coming out again in 3D. Maybe call another theatre and see if they have better accommodations. I'm surprised that they weren't thinking of wounded warriors down in San Diego, shame on them.

    I swam in a waterfall pool yesterday, it was awesome. The best part was floating on my back and looking up into the sky and asking God for Jason to be able to do this one day too.

    Praying in Hawaii,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  3. I have sent a letter to AMC's corporate office. Hopefully they can make some changes so our Wounded Warriors (and other customers in wheel chairs) can enjoy a movie from a nice vantage point.

    Still, it was nice to hear that you got to go to the movies. I'd enjoy going to a movie with Jason next time I visit!


  4. Glad you enjoyed John Carter. Our youngest son, Doug, and I saw it a week ago Saturday. Er really enjoyed it. I never pay attention to critics. They never seem to agree with my tastes anyway. Sorry to hear about the poor wheelchair area. Theaters should do a better job with that.

    Ruth and I will be in San Diego for a wedding the end of July and hope to visit Jason then. Peace, Bill


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