March 26, 2012

Jason and I had a busy day today - with it starting off early and getting the girls up and going at about 07:00. Okay, that really isn't TOO early for a bunch of you, but for two little girls who got to bed late last night, that's early. Anyway, Jason needed to be at the hospital at about 08:30, to get a few things in order, prior to the laser procedure. We were able to get to the appointment, and get the girls to the day care, with time to spare. Jason was "admitted" and brought to the waiting area, where he just laid in a bed, and waited. He was scheduled to go in at about 10:00 and they told me he should be back out by 11:00. I was kind of surprised at this, as I thought it was going to take much longer. Well, he did take longer, and wasn't back to his bed and recovery area until almost noon. Then when he was brought in he was still asleep from the anesthetic, and it was a deep sleep. He was snoring pretty loud, and to be honest, I thought it was kind of cute/funny. The nurses told me I should just go get some lunch and come back later, so I went to the galley and grabbed me some food, and then was able to sit with Commander Ledyard, so I had someone to talk to. Commander Ledyard knows Jason pretty well, so I didn't have to explain anything, and that in itself was nice.

After lunch I went back to Jason's waiting room area, and he was now awake (he woke about 15 minutes before I arrived). The funny thing is that another Jason (one of the other patients we've gotten to know) was now there, and he was in that exact same condition Jason was a little over an hour ago, and snoring just as loud. He woke up while Jason was getting ready to leave, so we had a chance to talk a little, while we were there. Another thing I had done while Jason was still in the procedure was to speak with Dr. Pyo, and let him know that Jason needed some of his prescriptions refilled. This meant that we were going to need to go to the pharmacy some time today, in order to get those needed meds. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Like I said, I went to pick up Jason at a little after noon, so when we were coming out of the hospital Jason made the comment that he could use something to eat. We went straight home, and I fixed him a sandwich and a bowl of soup. He was laying down when he ate, and then just rested for a short while. When it was time to head back to get the girls from day care, we knew we were going to have to head to the pharmacy, though neither of us knew just how long it was going to take. I went to get the girls while Jason went to the pharmacy, and then I came over. Even with his permission to go to the head of the line, it still took nearly 90 minutes to fill the prescriptions. Made me feel sorry for those other folks who had to wait the full time, to pick up their prescriptions. Some days it is just bad...

That was the end of the day, and we were glad to be back at the house. When we got there Bob Hammer drove up right behind us. Bob stayed for a short visit, and then left. It was nice seeing him, its just I wish we weren't so tired at that point. Even the girls were kind of tired. I gave the girls a little snack, and that seemed to help, so I began dinner right away, and we had dinner a little while later. After dinner I gave them their bath, got them ready for bed, and told them a story. Actually, Jackie was asleep before I was done with the story.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day, just not near as busy as today was. On top of that Larry, Linda's brother in coming down for a short visit, so we'll get to see him early in the morning, and then Jason will be off to his appointments. I need to get to bed right now, so I'll attempt to explain the laser treatment he had, tomorrow. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support.


  1. You can't just drop the prescriptions off and come back later? That's horrible having to wait that long! And that was short?
    This hymn has so much meaning...and gives so much hope. Praying hard!

    3. There at my Savior's side
    Heav'n is my home;
    I shall be glorified,
    Heav'n is my home;
    There are the good and blest,
    Those I love most and best;
    And there I, too, shall rest,
    Heav'n is my home.

    4. Therefore I murmur not,
    Heav'n is my home;
    Whate'er my earthly lot,
    Heav'n is my home;
    And I shall surely stand
    There at my Lord's right hand.
    Heav'n is my fatherland,
    Heav'n is my home.
    The Lutheran Hymnal, Hymn 660

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  2. It seems like they should have those meds set up on an automatic refill every 30 days and call you when they are done.

    Praying for healing for Jason and his family.

    Sending love and hugs to all,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends


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