March 31, 2012

Wow! The end of March already - and a great day to end it with. The morning started with Linda getting up and me fixing breakfast - Oatmeal with Raisins (well, Linda had dried cranberries), and we all had enough to eat, and there wasn't any left over - I must have done something wrong... ;-) I've posted a few pictures from what we did today, and like it has been said, "a picture is worth a thousand words," each of these pictures says at least that. We went to the beach, to spend the first part of the day with Anthony Netto, of Stand Up and Play Foundation, and it was a great day. I really don't know who had the better time, Jason or the girls, or me for that matter. Anthony and Jason were all over the place with their respective carts, and it was such a great sight to see Jason up right and hugging Mom. They were even walking down the beach, holding hands for a little while. Mom was in heaven. Jason and I are going to be going back over to see Anthony tomorrow, to work with the carts a little more, and give Jason a chance to learn more about how they operate. Anthony has gotten to the point where it truly is like an extension of his body, and he is able to go and do just about anything.

Linda's parents also came in this evening, though we didn't get to see them yet. We will be getting together tomorrow, as long as Grandma is feeling better. She seems to have caught a cold and didn't want to bring the bug over to share with Jason. We were both grateful for that. Actually, Linda did get to see them for a short while and she felt that tomorrow her mom would be better, at least good enough to visit with Jason.

I may post more pictures tomorrow - depending on how things go. I have such a poor network connection that downloading almost anything is slow and arduous. I've talked to Jason about this and we have a plan to get it corrected next week. Once that is done we should be in much better shape. Thank you, all for all your prayers and support, and please include Anthony and his foundation when you have some money to donate to a worthy cause.


    I'm very choked up with the one of Linda and Jason hugging. So excellent! They are all great and I LOVE THIS CART! What an incredible invention. We will definitely remember this organization in the future, STAND UP AND PLAY. The beach looks great, nice cool air, etc. Stacy riding with daddy, gee, they are all great pics. So glad you are having a wonderful day and weekend!! Just love you guys.

    Give all a hug from Karen (Jackie will be able to say my name, I just know it :-))

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Love it! Hi Linda, so glad you are there again to visit. These pictures are great, how nice to see Jason and Mom hugging. A big thank-you to Anthony for doing this with Jason!!!!!!


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