March 30, 2012

Today was a little different, in that Jason and Larry (his HHA) went to Balboa Hospital, for his appointments and I stayed with the girls. As it was, Jason's first appointment was at 13:00(1pm) and that is the same time as when the girls are going down for their naps. We really didn't want to take them in today, to the day care, drop-in center, especially for such a short time and right at their nap time; besides, I had promised them that I would take them to see the boats. Anyway, it left us going in two directions at the same time.

From what Jason tells me, he had a great time at OT (Occupational Therapy), with Lynn, and that she worked him pretty hard. He got on to the mats and was doing some more strenuous type exercises, and that made him very happy. I said I was going to be speaking with the medical folks and seeing if they were comfortable with Jason getting more involved with the PT (Physical Therapy) folks, so that he could get more of those type work outs. Of course we will be very mindful of his wounds, and making sure they remained protected. Its just that Jason is really wanting to do more than what they have been doing. He also had to pick up a Rx today, only this time he decided to work the system a little better. He went to the pharmacy before his appointment, to get things going, and then once he was done with OT he just went back over to pick up his meds, and not have to deal with the waiting. It seemed to have worked, so we will probably do it this way from now on.

In the mean time, I took the girls over to the harbor to show them some of the boats that were there. Stacy was very excited to see them and we walked up and down the docks a couple of times. Getting out on the piers was not possible this time, as they all had locked gates on them, but we could see them close enough. Perhaps we can get on to one of the boats sometime later, and then Stacy will be very excited in deed.

Right now I'm getting ready to go pick up Linda at the airport - she comes in tonight and will be staying with us through Easter. The girls are excited to have her come down, almost as much as me... ;-)

Thank you, for all your prayers and support.


  1. Another great day! Tell Grandma Linda to give Jason and his girls a big hug from me! Oh, and to show Jason the Hawaiian dresses :-)

    Have a great weekend,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends


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