March 9, 2012

Well, apologies to those who sit up and wait for the next update to come, as this one is much later than I would normally do. The challenge this evening was that Linda was flying in on Southwest and the flight was delayed by 45 minutes. I was driving around the airport for just a little over 1/2 an hour when I finally parked and went inside, to find out what was going on. I saw that it was delayed so I waited around where the people were coming up from the flights and in a few minutes (about 15) she came up the walk-way, and I was relieved (she looked like she was too). Anyway, we're both back at the house now, along with Jason and the girls and the girls are asleep now and I can work on the blog.

Jason only had one appointment today, with OT, where he was to work on his hand and arm strength. It was a good visit, and it went far to wear down his arms a bit. If you watch what is going on with the treatment you would think, "what's the big deal?" But, the devices they hold in their hands is a gyroscope device that effectively makes them move their hands and arms in ways they don't necessarily want to. After doing it for 15 minutes your arms and hands are pretty well worn out and you feel like you've had a good work out. I know, because I've used them as well.

While Jason was at OT I was over taking care of some paperwork that will allow the girls to get into day care. Because it is a government certified facility there are a bunch more regulations that need to be followed, and there is a stack of paper that has to be filled in for both girls, with some of it being notarized. At this point, about 98% of everything is done, and the rest will be done early next week, with a hope that it is on Monday. The getting of the girls into day care is a priority for Jason, as he recognizes the need for social development, and that is one of the main benefits of going to a day care.

Otherwise, that is pretty much it for the day. We have a big day tomorrow as we're all going to Sea World, at least for a few hours. Not sure how much Jason will be able to tolerate, or, for that matter, how much the girls will be able to tolerate. I just know they all can tolerate more than me... Hey, I'm the grandpa... ;-)

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers. Have a great weekend.


  1. Hope you can be there for a little bit to see some pretty fish. Grandpa and Stacey best wear a little sunscreen, at least on Stacey's face. Grandpa knows what he needs.

    Tell Linda that she was right, John Carter was hot AND great!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow!

    All our best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Hi Jason, George and Linda!!!!
    Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed visiting with Jason, George and the girls while in SD. I was astounded how strong Jason has become since leaving Bethesda. This did not come about with out his perseverance and very hard work. Jason you are an amazing Marine! Enjoy Sea World today Ross family. Hi Linda *smile*!

    Katie a Marine Mom


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