March 5, 2012

Today was one of those days where we just did whatever we wanted to do, and really didn't have anything we "needed" to do. I wrote yesterday that we were going to go and find a couple of bathing suits for the girls, and sure enough we did. Actually what we did was head over to the Naval station on Coronado Island, where they have a nice Commissary and NEX (Navy Exchange). The NEX was more like a shopping mall, as it had different stores, as well as a food court. We walked around a bit and quickly found the suits for the girls. Stacy was having a great time getting to pick out her own suit. One of the sales ladies was nice enough to help out and I think that actually made Stacy feel a little more comfortable. Jackie didn't really understand all of what was going on, she just enjoyed all the activity. Once that was accomplished Jason wanted to check out a few of the other areas; made a few more purchases; and, then we headed over to the food court. One of the vendors there was Five Guys, and so we ordered some hamburgers and french fries then sat down to eat. we had to help the girls with the food, but we all ended up having plenty to eat and drink, then headed back home.

The nurse, who is supposed to come in and be with Jason was ill (bad cold) so I had asked him to leave as I didn't want him around Jason or the girls (me either). That was okay, though, as we didn't have a lot to do and Jason and I were having a good time with the girls anyway. Jason was able to take a shower today, and felt much better for having done so, and he smelled better too... ;-) Jason is getting more comfortable with his current condition and being around the girls, as he is now picking them up, from his position in the chair. I admit I was a bit nervous at first when he did it the first time, but now I'm much more comfortable, as is he.

Tomorrow we will be taking the girls to the day care at the hospital, as we have a few things to take care of there. We will probably also take them there a couple more times this week, but otherwise they will be hanging with us. Jason is showing some very good signs that he can be a very good dad, even from the chair, and that make me very happy. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers...


  1. Lifting up prayers right now!
    Psalms 28:8-9 The LORD is their strength, and he is the saving strength of his anointed. Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up for ever.

  2. May God continue to bless you, Jason. I have prayed for you every day for a year.

    If there EVER is anything you need, let me know.

    As the anniversary of the accident arrives, I think back on those first few days and I am blown away by God's mercy, your strength and love for your children and family, and the goodness and support of so many people. Thank you Dr. Malone and all of the first responders, especially the medics on "the bird". May God bless you folks a hundred fold and thank you for what you do.

    I wish we could have a "Celebrate Jason Ross" party. But then we'd need PetCo Park to fit everyone in that would want to attend!!!

    Please continue to take good care of yourself and rest and stay off those wounds. Give the girls a hug from me.

    Love you,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  3. March 6, 2012
    11:40 pm

    Shortly it will be March 7th on the east coast. Happy Alive Day to Jason and the Ross family. God was looking out for Jason and all of you a year ago and especially Stacey and Jackie.

    God will continue to carry all through the journey.

    Happy Alive Day and many more!

    Denise Edwards


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