Sept 1, 2013 - Update on Concert

Okay, I have the information that some of you have been requesting, and I will also be putting this out on my FB page. Sorry for any trouble it has caused, but anyway, here it is:

Concert Info:

Here are the correct links for the tickets:

Our Event Website:

Each link takes you to Ticketmaster.  Tickets won't be released for sale until Tuesday (it says Wednesday on the site but I have heardTuesday).

I am encouraging people to login in to ticketmaster or create an account so that they get notified as soon as thickets go on sale.  But if they just check back Tuseday afternoon or Wednesday morning they can purchase tickets.

Take care and stay positive - we'll get there... ;-)


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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