September 25, 2013

Wow! What a crazy day!

It started off very much normal, and the first thing that we had to do was simply get up and get ready to go. The girls wanted breakfast so I let them pick out their clothes and then had them head out to the kitchen. It is really cute how they know the routine and want to help set the table and get the napkins and spoons while Grandpa grabs the bowls and the milk. They seem to have two favorite cereals, Cheerios and Kix. There are a few that others that they enjoy, but those two are their favorites.

We dropped the girls off at about 08:00 and after the extended good-byes (Stacy didn't want us to leave today), we headed back to the house. Before we got into the house, well, actually before we even got out of the van, Jason said he wanted to head up to Miramar because he was contacted and his clothes are ready, or at least some of them are. We grabbed some water and got back into the van and we were off.

Now that we have gone up to Miramar a couple of times it is quite easy to get there... usually. Today, however proved to be a little more challenging. I was one lane over too far to get the exit I wanted and the guy in the next lane over didn't want to let me in. I'm not sure if there was some issue he had, or if I had inadvertently cut him off or something, but as I slowed he slowed; as I sped up he sped up; and, eventually I couldn't take the exit. I simply waited to the next exit and took that one and it only cost us an additional two miles. When we got on to the Marine Air Base, something tickled Jason's thoughts because he suddenly said he would like to find the EOD folks on Miramar and go visit them.

We drove around for about 5 minutes and came to this one building that was supposed to have some information for visitors. As it turned out there were two guys from EOD right there, so I asked them to come over to the van (actually Jason spotted them and asked me to call them over).  They came over and offered to lead us to the EOD site, and that's how we managed to get there. They are located way the other side of the base, and I don't think we would have been able to find the place, so it was fortunate they were there. We came in through their garage area, since there are no ramps, and Jason had a great time just talking with them and effectively reminiscing. Jason actually knew one of the guys there and all of them seemed to know many of the same people, so Jason could comfortably talk to them about all the stuff he knew and they did too. I think it was very good for him to do this - except that it did take up all our time, and he didn't make it over to pick up the clothes... We may have to go over again tomorrow.

I needed to get back to the house to work on some projects that I was responsible for, to have delivered to the PMI Chapter I belong to. I am on the Board of Directors and we had working session going on today, as well as an annual meeting coming up. I wanted to be sure that I was ready for the meeting and that it was as good a job as I could deliver. There were a couple of other interruptions and and a bunch of phone calls both taken and made, then finally I was able to finish what I wanted. I was able to get the information delivered and now there are some follow up meetings, but basically I'm done. This means I was ready for the working session meeting that was held tonight. When it was over I felt both good and tired. Jason and I had not eaten, so we went out for a late dinner, and while there I got a chance to speak with Linda. That was probably the most relaxed call I had had all day. I don't think tomorrow will be anything like today, and we will be able to enjoy this fall weather much more, maybe even hit the gym. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
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