September 13, 2013

Jason got to sleep in today, and so did I... ;-)

I got up at about 07:10 and went down stairs, after cleaning up and brushing my teeth, and asked him if he would like some breakfast. For the past four days he hasn't had any breakfast because there just wasn't enough time to eat, and still get to class. Today was different, since the class, for him, didn't begin until about noon. I cooked some pancakes and eggs, and I think he was pretty happy about it. Typically he doesn't get that unless it is the weekend. Anyway, it was a slow and relaxed start to the day.

I finished up some laundry that I needed to do, including the folding and putting away, and then we went over to MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) where his class was. I let him off at class and went over to the base gas station to put some fuel into the van, then head over to Costco. Actually I debated this a little, wondering if the gas at Costco might be cheaper than on base; as it turned out I made the right choice and got the MCRD gas, which was $.04 cheaper. Then at Costco I bought some things we needed, or were running low on. I had told Jason I was going to do this, so he knew we would have stuff in the house when he came back home, and we wouldn't have to leave again.

Just about the time I came home and finished putting things away I got a call from Jason saying that he would probably be getting out at 15:00 (3pm), instead of an hour later. I told him I would be there at three and if he wasn't out I'd just wait. As it turned out, he wasn't out and I waited... for about 15 minutes, so it wasn't too bad. He hadn't had any lunch so he was starting to get hungry, as was I. We ended up heading over to a new restaurant, Gordon Birsch (I think is the name) and we had a nice early dinner. There were a few other people there, but the crowds actually didn't start showing up until we were leaving, and that was okay by me. We came home and he took his shower, with dressing change and then got in bed.

Tomorrow we will be heading over to Buddy Todd Park, for the dog training, though I think they should call it people and dog training, as the people are trained as much as the dogs. Weather is supposed to be good, so it should be a nice morning for them. I just hope there are fewer vehicles than there were last week. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support. Take care and stay positive.


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January 2017
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