April 24, 2015

Today was a very interesting day, and a change to the Ross household. We have a "new" member, and I'll get to that in a little bit. First, it began with me getting up and going down and checking on Jason, to see what he was interested in, for breakfast. It was going to be a busy day, so a relatively quick and easy breakfast would be best, and we both had a bowl of Cheerios. We had to get ready for the flight up north.

Neither of us really knew where the plane was taking off from, though we did have the address. Because we hadn't been there in the past we wanted to leave a little on the early side, and we did. As it turned out, we found it despite the directions the GPS was giving - it wanted us to go in the opposite direction of where it was, and I attribute that to signal interference, since we were right next to an airport. Anyway, we got to the building for Crownair, where we were to meet up with the pilot and crew for our trip ... we just happened to get there 1/2 an hour early. And that was okay, as the weather wasn't raining, at least not yet.

We met the pilot and crew and they were all great guys (Craig, Doug, and John), and the ground crew was very helpful as well. There was even another gentleman there, regrettably I don't recall his name, just that he is a former Navy Seal and he wanted to meet Jason (he gave Jason a challenge coin and a shirt), though he wasn't going on the trip. They told us the plane was ready and we all got on and we were off. Getting on, was a little different, as they had this lift system that allowed Jason to actually roll up on to a platform and then they lifted him up to the plane and he rolled on to the plane. Probably the easiest and best method we've encountered yet.

The ride was pretty exciting, as there was a little turbulence at both the take off and landing, and as one might expect, Jason does not like being bounced around. We were just very pleased that it was only for a couple of moments, and everything else went very smoothly. We flew into Yolo County Airport, and the folks there were very helpful as well. From what we could see and from what the pilots were saying, it is a very nice airport, and they intend to fly into it again. It is pretty much out in the middle of no where, yet very modern looking and well taken care of. The one down side is that we took longer to get off the ground than originally planned, and then we also hit some very strong head wind and that added an additional 30 minutes to our travel.

From there we jumped in to the van that we rented from Ability Center of Sacramento. They had delivered the van and left it there for our use, even though we were over an hour late.  When we came back I just left it at the airport for them to pick up, probably tomorrow.  Pretty amazing folks, and trusting, and I like that. We drove to the address that we were given, to pick up the puppy, and this is where things kind of went a little wrong. There was no answer at the door, and we weren't sure what to do next, other than try to reach the person we were told would be there. Jason sent a text message, made a phone call and sent an email - no response to any of it. We were now standing across the street, because that's where the shade tree was, and I said I was going to go back across the street to knock on the door again. This time, when no one answered, and I started to walk back over to Jason, an Animal Control officer drove up and asked me if I lived in the house. I explained to her why I was there and that we were attempting to pick up a dog for Jason. She got involved because they, the county Sheriff and Animal Control were trying to get in touch with her. Actually, a Sheriff Deputy showed up a short while later and he was finally able to get someone to answer the door. Jason and I had been there for nearly two hours by now, and we were thinking we needed to get going, because Stacy was part of a concert at the school, and we wanted to be there.

Well, it took about another 30 minutes and we finally got the puppy. He, Kojak is his name, is a very cute little guy with huge feet, and he is the newest member of the family that I was talking about at the beginning. We headed back to the airport and flew back down to San Diego, and soon found out that Stacy was sick and won't be going to the performance. Actually, I am kind of glad that Jason was able to just lay back down (after a shower) and get some rest, he already had enough for one day. I made a simple soup and sandwich dinner and we called it a day. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


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