April 29, 2015

Another day of life in the fast lane for the Ross family, down in San Diego. We got up to get the girls ready and out the door, for school. As usual, it was organized chaos, and the girls had great fun (as did Grandma and Grandpa). We got to their respective classes and then came right back to the house, so we could get breakfast for Jason. It was also a good time for me to get out on my bike, again, and get in a nice little 19+ miles. It was a very nice ride out to the beach and then around Fiesta Island, then back to the house. While I was on my bike ride Linda took Jackie to her weekly Wednesday speech therapy.

Jason wanted to take care of some errands he has been wanting to get done for the past week or so, and so once he was done eating he brought out Gracie's bedding and decided it was time to get it down to the laundromat, so that it could be cleaned. With Kojak being sick, I guess Jason wanted to be sure he could provide the cleanest of environments for the new puppy, as well as for Gracie and the rest of the family.

Linda and I had to get up to Oceanside, as we both had appointments today, and the funny thing is, they were both kind of close to each other, physically, so it worked out very well. Linda's appointment was with one of the local businesses, and I had a dermatology appointment at the VA. Both of us are doing well and no problem to worry about right now.  After the appointments were done we called Anthony and Angelica, to see if they were going to be home (they live in Oceanside) and to see if they were interested in heading up to Fallbrook. As it turned out, they did want to go with us to check out the progress of the house. The house is looking excellent, and (drum roll please) the exterior of the house has the first application of stucco, and the texturing work on the sheet rock has begun.  All the walls are now completely defined, and my guess is that they will soon be painted!

After our quick visit we jumped back in to the Fusion (our car) and headed over to get some early dinner - or late lunch. Both Anthony and Angelica were very impressed with the house and how fast they are moving on getting it built. I guess the next biggest question to going to be ... "What does the paint look like in the house? And, when will it be fully painted? We left the property and headed over to Tekila and I had one of those great bowls of soup, and Linda had her favorite - - fish tacos.

We actually had to get going, as the girls were coming back to Jason's place, to spend the night. We will again take them to school, and then they will head back to their mom' place. I did get some pictures taken today, though I think they won't be down loaded until tomorrow. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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