August 21, 2014

For the past couple of years, now, we have pretty much been using a loaner van, to help with Jason's transportation needs. There was the other van that was recently given to us, that since then has been donated to Father Joe's Home, and we are now waiting on another van that is being "built" to help Jason, and the rest of us be able to get around like a family. Well, the van that we are borrowing, from Semper Fi and Rollx is a relatively new van, and in this particular case, we have put most of the miles on it. Over the coarse of a couple of years it has needed service and today was one of those days. I got up early and packed my bike into the van, and drove to the dealership, where the service was to be performed. The idea being that I was to ride my bike home, and then turn around and ride it back to pick it back up (total ride would be just over 15 miles, with one very challenging hill). Anyway, I took it in to the service, at Hacienda Chrysler/Dodge and everything looked great for being coordinated. I had made the appointment, so they were expecting me. Then, for whatever reason, a different service person took this particular job, and things got a little shaky.

In the past Patricia was the service person who dealt with the Semper Fi vehicles and she was very aware of all the particulars of how it was handled. Joey, the new guy, apparently didn't have any of the required knowledge and it took nearly half a day just to get that corrected, and since new tires were involved (4 of them) it was a larger expense than just an oil change. I did drop off the van, and rode my bike home, then after a number of phone calls, back and forth between the Marines, me and the dealership, and a few hours of elapsed time, I did not ride my bike back. In fact, the van was now not going to be ready until 17:00 (5pm) at the soonest. Originally it was supposed to be no later than 13:00 (1pm). When I did finally get the van back, it was after 17:30 (5:30pm), and I still have to take it back in to finish the alignment. The mechanics there are quite good, and they showed they wanted to get the job done right. It is the front end that had the problems, and they blamed it on being short handed and very busy. If they are short handed then they  shouldn't be promising times to customers that can't be delivered. Setting expectations is the most important thing they can do, and in this case it was badly handled. Anyway, the front end work will be done early next week, when I again have time to get it in.

The rest of the day was quiet and Jason actually spent most of the day in bed. There is an early appointment in the morning (the reason I needed the van back), and we will be getting the girls back tomorrow. We're going into the weekend prior to the beginning of a new school year, so we're expecting a bunch of excitement. The other big thing, this weekend is Jackie's birthday; she will be turning 4 years old. These past four years have been so fast, and so full of events; it just keeps our heads spinning. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
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January 2017

January 2017
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