August 4, 2014

Stacy was dropped off at the house this morning, at about 07:20, and then I fixed some breakfast. We had Cream of Wheat, and it was pretty good. We hadn't had any for several weeks, and I was just in the mood for it today (so was Jason). After that we did some catching up of our emails while Stacy played and then we all got ready for Jason's first appointment, over at the hospital. It was with physical therapy (PT) and was supposed to start at 10:30. All was fine, except as we pulled into the base I became aware that I had left my wallet on the coffee table... OOPS! As it turned out the guard recognized me and Jason, and Jason had his ID with him, so he still let us on.

The appointment with PT was pretty normal and Stacy stayed with Jason as I went over to get a hair cut. We had given her the option of going with me or Daddy, and she chose Daddy - this made me feel good, as I like it when they want to spend more time with him. The timing was excellent because when I was done I went back over to PT and Jason was done. Actually, Stacy was having a great time and learning where some of the things were, within the PT area, including the bottled water dispenser. She showed me where to get a drink, if I was thirsty. There were a couple of other little errands we needed to take care of, and by the time we were heading back to the house it was close to 13:00 (1pm).

Soon after arriving at the house I left again, to go to an appointment I had with the VA. It was with the "Hand Clinic" because of the trigger-finger problem I dealing with on both hands. My appointment was at 14:00 (2pm), and I wanted to be sure I was there before then, and I arrived with 10 minutes to spare. I checked in and sat down in the nice waiting room and sat...and sat... and two hours later I was up at the desk asking what was going on (actually I had been up a couple times by now). They were really sorry, but they were backed up and I was going to be next. I told them I was sorry too, because I had to leave now so that I could go pick up Jackie. They have the worst scheduling system around, and were behind with all the other patients as well as mine. Unfortunately I don't have a great deal of choice right now, and that is the medical care that I have to go with. They did make up another appointment for me, towards the end of the month, but at a different clinic that should be better for me - we'll see.

I picked up Jackie and we headed back tot he house. It was kind of fun picking her up today, because as I came into the yard area, where the kids were all playing she came running across the yard yelling, "Grandpa!" and jumped up when she got to me. She was talking a mile a minute about all the excitement of the day, and also to let me know that today was her birthday. I went over to the teacher and asked why Jackie was saying it was her birthday, and the teacher had no idea. Jackie's birthday is on August 24, so it is about 3 weeks from now, so I don't know what happened, but she was excited about it. I did tell her that it wasn't her birthday yet, and she seemed to take it just fine, so we then headed home.

The rest of the evening was good, and Stacy and Jackie were playing hide and seek for a while. Jackie still doesn't have the hide concept down yet, but they still have a fun time of it. When it was bed time I had to braid the girls hair, so it wouldn't be too tangled in the morning and then Jason and I sort of tag-teamed the reading of the stories and getting them to bed. All-in-all it was a fun evening, and to be honest, it kind of wore me down a little... That's okay, I'll sleep well tonight. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


  1. Sorry you have to wait so long to be seen about your fingers. My husband had surgery on both of his and it well so hopefully yours can be dealt with easily...if you ever get in!
    Lifting up prayer!
    Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.


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