September 25, 2014

Today was a rough day for us - with a number of things that went wrong and errors made. I went for a bike ride and the ride took longer than I had originally planned. It was a matter of construction and obstacles that contributed to my delayed arrival at home, but bottom line is that I shouldn't have gone on the ride in the first place. Linda needed to get to the base so she could attend an event, and so she left on her own, and that caused problems for her to be able to get on to the base. Not being able to get on to the base made her late for the event, and by the time everything got straightened out she was no longer able to go. She came home just as Jason and I were getting ready to leave, to go pick up his new truck.

When Jason and I arrived, there were no handicap parking slots left, so we had to improvise, and it worked out okay. We met with Terry, at the Ability Center and they took us back to see Jason's new truck. He got into the truck and with Terry in the back seat the two of them took off for the official test drive (Gracie, the dog was also along - I waited at the dealership). They came back and it was determined that a minor adjustment needed to be made, and when they were done Jason was asked to get back in the truck, to make sure the adjustment was in the right place. As he was getting in position to get into the truck his power chair stopped working. There was no obvious reason for the chair to have stopped, and nobody seemed to know what to do to get it working again. We were at the Ability Center, so we thought it would be alright, then they asked Jason if he could get out of the chair. At this point Jason had been up for a few hours now, and the techs there wanted to take apart the seat, meaning Jason couldn't be in it. The solution, I would have to take Jason home and bring the chair back. With no power the chair is quite heavy, and I had to get it into the van, and then into the house; then back into the van again.

As I was making my way back to the Ability Center, the tech from the VA came by, to put the belts on to the chair, with more secure buckles. This took about an hour, and we even talked with him about what we needed to do to get the chair working again. He took a look at it and couldn't find anything wrong, though he didn't have any diagnostic tools with him. When he was done I was again off to the Ability Center. In a matter of about 15 minutes they determined that there wasn't a short or disconnected wire anywhere. Terry came out and asked that they be allowed to keep it over night and they would work on it until it was working again. As it turned out I did leave the chair with them and in a couple of hours they had determined that there was a problem with the controller, and once that was fixed they chair was operational again. It was now after 17:00 (5pm), so Terry let Jason know that he would be bringing the chair and the truck to the house in the morning.

There were a number of other things I was hoping to get accomplished today, and eventually I did get some of the tasks accomplished; just much later than I had first hoped. This evening has been much more relaxed and knowing that Jason's truck will be here in the morning made it a bit easier to deal with. Both Linda and I requested a "do-over" for today, but it didn't happen... ;-). Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive. Oh, yes, one more thing - I was hoping to post some photos today, well it looks like it is going to have to wait until tomorrow.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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