August 21, 2015 - Move In Day!

We moved in to our new home today, and we're all very tired. It has been an absolutely wonderful day, and despite the wind kicking up a bit, everything went off very well. It is such a comfort knowing that the house we are now in, is going to be Jason's home for as long as he needs it to be, and the girls have the home that Jason has wanted to provide them.

I'm getting ahead of myself, just a bit here. We got up early and packed up those things we knew we needed, or would need at the new house. I think we did a pretty good job of packing all the right stuff, and getting all of us here, safely. We took all three vehicles, with the van being packed up with most of the things we were bringing up with us. We met up at the Park and Ride, right there by I-15 and Cal Hwy 76. Jason was the first to leave, then Linda a few minutes later, and then me. Jason had the dogs with him; Linda had the girls with her; and, I had our son George with me.  We all made it to the Park and Ride and connected up with the Patriot Riders, who were to escort us the rest of the way, to the property, which they did in a very professional manner.

We all got into the van, and left the other two vehicles at the Park and Ride, to come back and pick them up later. As we rolled up, over the hill, just prior to the Ramona Dr. you could see this large gathering of people with flags and a bunch of folks in uniforms and all kinds of activity going on. A stage was set up and a couple of large tent structures, with what looked to be a couple hundred chairs (I was told later there were 190 chairs), and finally a sizable crowd, standing. It was an impressive sight, and I really do wish I could post some pictures right now, but it looks like those are going to have to wait..

The dedication of the house could finally get started, as we were now there, and Jason was on site and everyone was anxious to get it going. We had the Reverand, Dr. John Powell, from the Pt. Loma Presbyterian Church give a blessing and prayers, and then there were a number of dignitaries to give a speech, including a speech from Stacy, Jason's daughter. I thought Stacy did an excellent job, and felt that maybe I was feeling that way because I am her grandfather. Although, a short while later I was told by several people in the audience that they all thought she had done a very good job and some of them were actually requesting copies of her speech - which she wrote (I just typed it up for her).

There was this giant U.S. flag, sort of blocking the house, and as i mentioned earlier, the wind picked up, and it started to cause problems with the flag. The decision was made to "Move the flag!" to avoid any more problems, and everyone got to see the house, and shortly there after we all got to go in. What happened was that the Ross family got to go in first, and then all the guests were invited to have a walk through. All while a number of interviews were being done and pictures being taken and all sorts of things like that going on. For the next couple of hours it was pretty crazy and very high on the fun scale. Stacy and Jackie were having the most fun, I think, and maybe Jason was right behind them. Linda and I were doing out best to be hosts, while also looking around. We had not been to the house in several days, so we wanted to see what final touches had been made. It was wonderful.

By the time most of the people had left we had been able to visit with many friends and even some new neighbors. We saw friends from all over the place, and it was refreshing to be able to visit again, and to do a little catching up. I really don't know how to say thank you, to all the people that were there, as I think it would probably have taken a couple of days to do that, and obviously we didn't have that much time.

We ended up staying up a little later than we probably should have, then again, we needed to get some things moved in, and we also had to have dinner. Jason's Gad Parents, Steve and Yolanda (Jason's Nino and Nina) are being our first overnight guests, and so is George, our son. We managed to all sit down together and enjoy a quick dinner and then go to bed. Actually, Jason managed to get his shower in, first one in the new shower, and then his dressing change. Now everyone is in bed (except me) and the day is done. We are here for our first night at the new Ross home. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


  1. What a wonderful day after a long wait! My very best wishes for all of you in your new home.
    Mary Ann

  2. WOW! It was an incredible day! I was blessed to have been a teeny part of it watching from the audience. I hope the girls got their cookies :) I left them on Jasons bed.

  3. WOW! It was an incredible day! I was blessed to have been a teeny part of it watching from the audience. I hope the girls got their cookies :) I left them on Jasons bed.


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