August 23, 2015

First, just a quick thank you, to all of you who read the posts on a regular basis. It really does make me happy to know that some folks enjoy reading the things that I write, and that it makes others happy knowing that Jason and his family are doing okay.

We all got up this morning and decided to relax a little, before the next steps were taken towards getting us all settled in to the new house and home. I made a pancake breakfast for George, Jason, Stacy and Jackie, as well as for Linda and I, pretty much like I would normally make the breakfast. The difference today was that we had some extra guests, with Steve and Yolanda, and Rob and Karen, joining us. That just meant that I had to cook a bunch more pancakes and attempt to get all the eggs and bacon cooked as well. In truth, I think I could have cooked a few more pancakes and we would have been just fine, and probably still no left overs. Everything turned out better than I could have hoped for, and all of this while using brand new griddles.

After breakfast I took the rental truck back to the location where I originally rented it from, and while on the way there it dawned on me that I wasn't supposed to be taking it there, and that I had arranged to drop it off in Fallbrook. Rob was following me, so that he could give me a ride back home, so he was probably wondering what was going on, when made a U-Turn, only a couple of miles down the road. It all worked out well, and despite all the extra driving we had done, yesterday, there wasn't as much of a charge for mileage, and we were able to get on our way much faster than anticipated. As a result of all this we got back to the house much sooner than originally planned, and I think some of them were kind of surprised to see us, though no one said anything.

We all talked for a little while, then Rob and Karen had to get going. Almost immediately after they left Steve and Yolanda said they needed to get going and then Mike and Karen (they had come over right after we had finished breakfast) and George. Once all of them were gone we walked back into the house and it felt kind of strange. We were the only ones here now (That's Jason, Stacy, Jackie, Linda and me - and the dogs Gracie and Kojak) and it felt kind of like we should just sit down and soak up being in a brand new house and home ... and we did for a little while.

Linda fixed a simple lunch for the girls, and wanted to get them down for their "brain rest" (nap). While doing this she was also creating a list of things she wanted me to pick up from the house in Pt. Loma. I drove back down to the house while she put the girls down and then she was to attempt to lay down for a little while, too. She wasn't able to sleep any, though with too many things still going through her head. When I got to the Durham Ridge house I started to gather things to bring back up and then decided I needed to get a little more rest, if I was to drive back up. I sat down on the couch and was able to just relax for about 30 minutes  - it felt pretty good.

I loaded up the van and then went to fill the gas tank. From that point I just drove back up to the house in Fallbrook and by now it was getting a little later in the day. Linda was getting dinner ready for the girls, who had just taken a bath, and while all that was going on I started to unload the van. It took me a little while to unload, mostly because I was also attempting to put things away as I pulled them out of the van. One big thing (for me) was that I brought my bike up, and know it is sitting in the garage, waiting for me to start riding it again.

The rest of the evening was us taking care of some little things and doing some general clean up. We were both kind of tired and ready to go to bed. The last thing I wanted to do (besides brush my teeth) was to get this blog in. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


  1. Still praying in Seattle!
    Psalms 91:14-15 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.


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