October 10, 2011 - Meeting with the President

Well, I'm sure you all noticed the new picture. It is President Obama signing our Red Guest Book. I wish I could have taken a few more shots, but it just didn't feel right at the time. President Obama had his own photographer with him, and they told us they would be sending pictures to us - though I am guessing it is going to take several weeks before we will see them. Anyway, the big thing is that the President came and saw Jason. Well, me too, but Jason was the reason he came to the room, not me. It was a nice, though short, visit and I would have liked to have had more time to talk with him, but it just wasn't going to happen. He had three Purple Hearts to present and I was told he visited 43 other Wounded Warriors. All this was accomplished in a matter of just 4 hours. That really doesn't allow much time for any one of the guys. Still the President did show sincerity and compassion when he spoke with Jason (and I assume the others) and I appreciated it.

Otherwise, most of the day was spent just sitting in the room waiting for the President to show up. Jason didn't feel like getting out yet, because he is still uncomfortable due to the latest skin graft. He will be headed down to the O.R. in the morning, and we're hoping to hear that all is looking good and we can finally get a more solid date as to when we might be leaving Bethesda. Of course there is also the possibility that the news will be that the grafting isn't going well and we will be here another month or more. So please pray for Jason's healing and that the grafting has taken hold like the doctors want... and we want!

Jason had another visitor, Theresa Sareo, who came by with a couple of her friends, Ellen and Robia. Jason actually remembered meeting Theresa back in May, and that surprised us (even me) because of all the meds Jason was on back then. Theresa is a singer/performer who you can find out more about if you Google her name. She is in the area doing a concert for an Army organization (yeah, I'm bad... she told me and I forgot) that is local. She contacted me to see if Jason was available for a visit and I told her to come on by. She brought along her friends and they all stayed for a nice visit.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers for Jason and his recovery. We are looking forward to the day when we can say Jason is on his way to rehab.


  1. Hi Jason - it was my pleasure to visit with you again this past Sunday. Extra prayers are being sent up tonight from my family for good news on the grafting from your medical team.

    Your Red book is getting quite a lot of ink lately, :-)

  2. From the Air Force mom from Ptown....so happy to see you are healing and getting stronger. Also. happy to see President Obama visited you today. I follow your dad's blog daily.....and send my thoughts to you EVERYDAY!!! I look forward to the day you come home to Livermore and I can give you....and your dad....a big hug!! Jaosn....YOU ARE A HERO!!!!

  3. What an amazing day! I'd heard about the President visiting wounded warriors and wondered if I'd know any of them. This makes 2!
    Praying right now!
    Psalms 86:15-16 But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth. O turn unto me, and have mercy upon me; give thy strength unto thy servant, and save the son of thine handmaid.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address

  4. It is about time the President visted the hospital! When telling people about Jason, I said the only ones who had not been to see him was the President and Vice-President.

    I know someone in the secret service and he has said that he is very nice man, compassionate and sincere in what he says and believes in. He is not phony. Whatever he said to you and Jason, you can believe it.

    I was sorry to read Jason had to have skin grafts again. I had them for burns as a child and my describe it as they peel you like a onion. The great piece in the picture is it shows how much muscle Jason has regained. He is looking good.

  5. How awesome! I hope the skin grafts take soon so there will be no more surgeries!

    Donovan Jones is in DC through tomorrow and would like to come visit...how can he contact you, George, to arrange a visit?


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