October 21, 2011

Today started as so many of them do, with me getting up and getting ready, then heading over to see Jason, before he heads down to the PACU. I figured I needed to get some laundry done, and I'd do that while he was getting his dressings changed. I was feeling pretty good about myself, thinking that I had gotten up early and over to the hospital early, to see Jason. When I just about arrived to his room the nurses all began to tell me that they had already come to get him, and he was down to the PACU. I asked when he was taken and they said about 07:15 this morning, so I missed him by about 10 minutes.

Like I said, I went over to do my laundry and actually it took me all the time needed to get Jason back out of the PACU. I finished the laundry and folded the clothes and took them all back to my room, when the phone rang. It was the hospital letting me know that Jason was back in his room and he was wanting me to come back. While they were telling me this, Jason calls me, so I am able to disconnect with the hospital and start talking to Jason. Then I receive another call and it is Linda, letting me know that she's awake - I was supposed to have called her about a half an hour ago but it slipped. Anyway, I tell Linda I have Jason on the line and she says to go and talk with him, then disconnects. I talk with Jason for a few minutes and find out that he would like chocolate chip pancakes and two eggs (over medium). The only place I know that serves that is the Pancake House, so I take off to go get the breakfast (actually more of a brunch). We each have our pancakes and eggs and enjoy our breakfast, even if it is almost noon.

While we are eating, Brother Dave, one of the Jesuit Priests we've gotten to know comes by for a short visit. He always has something positive to say and he is always lighting a candle for Jason, on a daily basis. Brother Dave only stays for a few minutes and we finish eating, and then begin to get ready for getting out and going to the MATC for some PT - Physical Therapy. Jason is feeling a bit tender in spots and when he attempts to sit up it is immediately recognized that the wheel chair is not going to be an option right now. I have to go get the prone cart and with a little effort Jason is able to get on to the cart, without much pain.

Jason wheels his way down to the MATC, with a brief stop at the Post Office, since it will be closed on our way back. There is a nice card there from one of our friends at Church (First Presbyterian). Actually, that reminds me... Please DO NOT send any more mail our way, as by the time it gets here we will be gone. If you have already sent something we will probably be able to still receive it, so just don't send anything else, until we reach Balboa. Okay, so Jason has now wheeled himself down to the MATC, and when we get there he says he is tired and doesn't need to do any of the exercises. We just relax and rest for a few minutes and talk with BO, and then we head on back.

The trip back to his room is less eventful than the trip out. We actually stopped to talk with a few folks along the way so that made the trip a little slower. Jason also did a great job of going up the ramps as we headed back. I thought he might need my help is getting along, but he just powered on through. When we got to his room we just pulled up along side his bed and then he got back in. He didn't take a nap or anything, but I could tell that he was a little tired.

Not much else going on today. We had dinner, and then I took off from his room. I had a few things to do, and honestly, he may have not been too tired, but I was and wanted to be sure I was able to get this entry into the blog. I know it is a little earlier than usual, and that is probably a good thing for some of the readers, AND it is going to allow me to hit the bed a little earlier tonight... ;-)

Thank you, all for all your continued prayers, and support. Jason is going to be going to the PACU for the next few days, so we need to be sure he gets healed up as much as he can before we head on out.


  1. I am in orange county California and wanted to know when Jason is in Balboa...are normal people like me able to see him? I have been following his story every night and I want to personally hug him and thank him. I also want my sons to meet him....our hero. (a dear friend of ours was killed in Iraq in Jan 2011 and I want to show them that many come home...) They pray every night for a troops home and abroad....we love our troops. Thank you for this log....and thank You Jason....we can never thank you enough. Xo
    Heather Halofan@socal.rr.com

  2. Hi George and Jason,
    A quick note to let you know that I let my Missouri family know about the good news with leaving Bethesda and how far Jason has come. They have been praying for Jason and following the blog. Praying for continued healing.

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends


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