October 5, 2011 - Fish Dinner

Today was a nice busy day for Jason, for multiple reasons. There was a medical procedure done; there were several visitors; and, he had appointments with a couple of PT areas. The good side was that it made the day go by more quickly, and the down side was that we kind of missed lunch.

Jason and I had oatmeal and raisins again this morning, and I brought over my dirty laundry to wash (the hospital actually has a new washer and dryer available for the families to use) along with washing some of Jason's clothes. The doing of the washing wasn't really much of an issue, except that I had to keep track of the time so that I didn't tie up the machines needlessly. On the surface that doesn't sound too bad, except that once I got started it seemed to send out a signal that visitors needed to start coming by. Br. Gen Tom Jones (ret.) came bay and stopped to have a short visit with Jason. Right after he left another group of retired Marines came in and spent a little more time with us, and then as they left we got another group who just wanted to stop and say, "Hi!" Finally, after that one of the medical teams, who is responsible for the "pic"-line that Jason has came in and said they needed to get a new one in place.

Actually this took us right up to about 12:30 when Jason needed to start getting ready to head to the MATC and get some work with the new therapist there. Her name is Bo and she runs a pretty tight ship, so we didn't want to be late, or at least no later than we had to be. I helped Jason get dressed as quickly as we could, and then in to his chair. Fortunately when we arrived at the MATC she was already working with another patient so she just sent us over to a mat-table to get set up. Actually she was pretty busy, because once she did come over and worked with Jason for a few minutes she handed him off to Bob, so she could go yet to another patient. Anyway, Jason had a real good work out and worked on a couple of new exercises to help him learn his new balance. I think it will also be something he eventually uses as he learns to transfer from his wheelchair to other things like a bed or car or even a chair. Jason was pretty worn out and it was just about 15:15 (3:15PM) when we left so you can see Jason was out from his room for a few hours.

Once we got back to his room, and in to his bed I asked him if he would like a sandwich or something. He said he would so I took off to go pick up a couple of sandwiches, as we were both getting hungry by now. When I came back there were about 10 Marines and one woman (she turned out to be the wife of one of them) standing outside Jason's room. One of the Marines was Dennis, one of the EOD guys Jason had worked with previously, and he brought all the others down to visit with Jason. They talked about getting Jason and taking him back to the "shop" but I guess I was the wet blanket on that activity as I told them that he wasn't able to be away that long without special preparations so he could stay out longer. It was probably one of the better visits Jason has had, as it was like a return to a shop that Jason was familiar with. Jason and I still ate the sandwiches while they visited, and then didn't have dinner until almost 19:00 (7pm).

Our dinner was the fish that we had caught last week. The two nurses that agreed to cook the fish, brought it in today for us to try. They said they cooked it African style, though they cut back on the spices a bit. Both Jason and I liked it very much, and from my perspective, I'm glad they cut back on the spices. It was spicy enough for my tastes. The good thing is that we have plenty more for tomorrow, that we can have for lunch. That was pretty much the day, with the rest of it being Jason relaxing in his bed. That's when Bridgette (Jason's wife) called and they talked about whatever they talked about, and Jason got a chance to speak with Stacy (his little girl). We're hoping to see Bridgette and the girls by this weekend, so hope things don't get in the way as life sometimes does.

Thank you, for all your support and prayers for Jason, he's getting stronger all the time and all we see on the horizon is positive direction.


  1. Yay- so glad you got to eat some of the fish! What spices did they cook with? I am curious- no biggie but would love to know.
    Hugs to you both...and love the trend here...onward and upward!
    Love C

  2. Praying in Seattle!
    Philippians 4:6-7 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address

  3. Always glad to hear about a good day and his fellow marines in EOD visiting.

    It is always great when the fishermen eat the catch!

    You are in our thoughts.

    Take care of you,
    Denise Edwards


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