October 4 - Picture Update

Sorry for the delayed post, and the lack of photos. Due to a few technical difficulties I was not able to get them to the blog yesterday. Will work on it today. The new picture on the blog is me and Lt. Col. Tarter's wife (she was there representing him) pinned the new rank on Jason. Lt. Col. Tarter and MGySgt Todd are out of the country, so were not able to attend.


  1. Sgt.Ross, CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion!! You look very distinguished in the photo. Very exciting for your father to be able to pin on your new rank pin. I saw your mom last evening and she is doing well. She is very proud of you :-) I look forward to the other pics that your dad gets up today on the blog. I'm glad Dr. Malone was able to drop by. I sure wish I could meet her! I'd give her a big hug. It rained her yesterday, already??!! It's early, usually don't get our first rain until later in Oct. right before Halloween. Oh, pumpkin kitty escaped yesterday but Linda got her back. Have a terrific day and I am saluting you right now.

    I look forward to meeting you.

    Karen & Rob Weaver
    Friends from Livermore

  2. Staff Sgt Ross,

    Congratulations! Awesome picture and love the haircut. Definitely, a squared away US Marine.

    Thank you George for sharing yourself and Jason with us.

    Have as great day today as yesterday!
    Denise Edwards

  3. What an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing it with us. CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion, Jason! Prayers continue for strength, patience and perseverance. Jennifer Geiger


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