October 28, 2011

Jason had his dressings changed while he was in his room, and without anesthesia. This is a MAJOR milestone in his overall treatment, as it showed that his wounds are now healing up to a point that they are coming together and the bacterial infections are becoming a much less concern for everyone. Having said that, Jason is still on a couple of antibiotics, and that may be a big reason the bacteria is being kept under control. I was in the room while it was done, so I was able to get a good look at what his wounds look like and how they are healing. It wasn't too much of a shock to me, as I had seen them previously, and I basically knew what to expect.

A quick run down of today was simply as follows. I was over to his room at bout 06:00 this morning, thinking that they were going to be coming in early to do the dressing change. They did show up a little after 08:00, so that wasn't too bad. They were done in just over an hour, and so I was able to get him some breakfast, and then Bridgette asked me to come watch the girls while she took care of some errands. Almost immediately after leaving Jason's room, he was contacted about the flight home. We had to do some negotiating but it looks like we a couple of steps closer to knowing exactly when we will be leaving (I need to get some packing done so we'll be ready to go). Jason called me and let me know about the travel, so I was able to tell Bridgette, and she only did part of what she wanted to do. There were things we needed to get moving on, so she knew it was better to come back so I could get busy on the things I needed to do.

In my travels, I went and picked up some Taco Bell for Jason, and he had a late lunch. Actually, he had already eaten some food from the galley, and I guess he was still hungry. After eating our "lunch" Jason got into his chair and we walked over to the Fish House where Bridgette and the girls are, and delivered some gifts for the girls that I had been hanging on to. These were birthday gifts for both of the girls and it kinda felt like Christmas. Both the girls were excited about the gifts and I think Jackie was most interested in the wrapping paper and bags. We were over at the Fisher House for a little more than an hour, so Jason had been out for enough time to know it was time to get back. We came without any back up meds this time, and Jason lasted for about two hours without his PCA (the device that delivers his pain meds). I think the ride over in his chair and back again contributed to his rising discomfort, but he put up with it as well as anyone.

Once he was back in his bed and hooked back up to the PCA he was better quickly. We ate dinner and talked, mostly about the move to San Diego. Then I came back to the Lodge to get started on some of the things that need to get done. I would like to be almost completed with the packing tomorrow, and leave out only the clothes we are going to need, going into next week.

Thank you, all for all you have done and continue to do. Your prayers and support are very much appreciated.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
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