October 3, 2011 - Promotion Ceremony

Today was an exceptional day for Jason, with all the attention that was given him for being promoted to Staff Sargent. His ceremony was today and his room was packed (we didn't have any other place set up for doing this, so we just did it in his room). Sgt Linderman got him a blouse (that's what the Marines call their uniform shirts) so he could have the rank pinned on. None of his own uniforms are here with him, so even though it was a borrowed uniform it worked for this purpose. Jason and I went down to the barber, where he got a hair cut, because he wanted to look like a Marine for the pictures, and he did. The room was packed, as I said earlier, though none of his EOD brothers were able to make it, since we weren't able to let them know with enough time to get here. On the plus side, Col. Tarter's wife, Carol, was here so she pinned on one of his new chevrons and I got the honor of pinning on the other. Lots of pictures were taken, and I hope you are able to see them on my Picasa account, along with some other photos.

Today started with me coming over and Jason and I having breakfast. He wanted to get his hair cut, so this morning he got into his chair and we headed down to Main Street, where the barber shop is located, here in the hospital. We then headed over to the uniform shop where he picked up his new rank chevrons (he wanted to be sure he had some) and then we headed on back up. At this point we still had not heard for sure that the ceremony was going to take place today, only that it would probably take place. I had asked a couple of the liaison Marines to see if they could follow up and let us know, so we could plan something. Shortly after we came back to Jason's room we were given the notice that it was today, and that Lt. Col. Wall would be coming over to present it to Jason.

That's when it got kind of weird... about every 15 minutes we were getting visitors who were just stopping by and asking if it was going to be today, and where. We kept telling them that it was and would be in this room. Even when the PT folks came by to discuss future routines with Jason, and worked with him to allow him some PT today, we still had visitors popping in. Dr. Malone even came by around this time and we were glad to see her, as it wouldn't be the same without her. She was able to give Jason a big hug after he was promoted, and I think Jason liked that. Lt. Col. Tarter's wife, Carol also gave Jason a big hug, and she did even more. I had called Carol a little earlier and told her that it was going to be a 16:00 (4PM) ceremony, so she showed up at about 15:40 (3:40PM), and helped me to help Jason get ready and prepared.

Once everything was over Jason and I were kind of tired, so I went down to the galley and picked up some dinner. Then at 18:30 (6:30PM) there was an "Ice Cream Social" put on by the folks from the Wounded Warrior Project. I went down and picked up a couple of sundaes and Jason and I enjoyed them. Then he went to sleep for a couple of hours. Like I said, he was tired. Anyway, he woke up and we just enjoyed each others company, and then I started to work on this post, and to get some pictures loaded up (I hope it works).

Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers, and now Jason has a greater responsibility so he will need prayers for that as well, as he moves along in his career.


  1. Congratulations! I love the new picture on the Blog. Jason looks amazing!


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