October 4, 2011 - Pictures have been posted!

Okay, I finally sat down and took the time to figure out what I wanted to do with the photos. I did a test and it worked for me, but then again, I am the owner. Please check it out and let me know if you were able or unable to get to the pictures. The photo album is immediately below the pictures on the right.

Today was a good day for Jason in the PACU, where he had his dressings changed. He came back a little uncomfortable, as there was an attempt at changing how they had some of the bandages, and it seems to have back-fired. Actually, I think it will be just a matter of time before he gets used to it, as he is considerably more comfortable than he was this morning. Dr. Malone came in to visit with Jason this morning and the conversation quickly went to how the staff was doing and taking care of Jason. Jason provided some feed back and pointed out a couple of places where he thought improvements could be made. As it turned out one of those "places" was a bit of a hot button for Dr. Malone and she went out to find out who and why things had happened to Jason (since it was in his room, it was something that happened to him as opposed to the entire floor). It took a little time, but not much, and then Dr. Malone was back in with an explanation about what happened; the person who was "guilty" of the activity; and, importantly, an apology for the actions. It was much more than what Jason had expected, as he was only attempting to help improve the professionalism. I'm not going to talk about what happened to cause the action, the purpose of this little explanation was to show how important it is to the staff to make sure things are right.

Jason had an appointment with a hand and nerve specialist this afternoon. We were able to get there at just about the exact time of the appointment. We had to coordinate with Trista, his occupational therapist, since she set up the appointment. She was there ahead of us, and effectively checked Jason in so we just walked right in. The guy we saw was a Lt. Col. and I honestly don't recall if he is a doctor or just a VERY good therapist. He was going over a bunch of different things about Jason's hand and explaining what he thought needed to be done. He is working with the other doctors (the guys Jason will be seeing on Thursday) so that he will get the results and prepare a treatment specifically for Jason. There is good news in that he was saying similar things about the prognosis of his right hand getting better, and that was good news.

There was some talk about a slight change in what might happen with Jason's treatment and wound healing effort, and it isn't solidified yet so you'll have to wait to find out what that possible change is. Hey, we're having to wait too, so don't let it get to you... ;-)

Today was a good day for Jason, despite the elevated pain levels earlier in the day. He is sleeping well now and is continuing to heal. We don't have the PACU in the morning, so we'll probably get out on the cart, and maybe the chair, and head on down to the MATC for some vigorous PT tomorrow. One last thing, I had a talk with Jason and he said he would rather the blog stated Staff Sargent, so in the next few days I will provide reminders that the name is changing, and then next week it will go to http://SsgtJasonRoss.blogspot.com. Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support, and please keep all the others in your hearts as well.


  1. George,

    Thank you for sharing the pictures. The novice with blogs and picassa found them. The pictures show how much healthier Jason has become over time.

    Good for Jason for wanting to change the name of the blog to include his new rank, he earned it. No doubt, he will wear it proudly. He has the courage, resilency, and honor of the US Marines who fought on Iwo Jima long time ago. The path and journey are different, but require the same. I believe God has a purpose, plan and a will for Jason in the future.

    You have a lovely wife and family including those grandchildren.

    Be sure to take care of you too!

    Again, thank you for sharing your lives us.

    Denise Edwards

  2. Bummer! I clicked on the link and it took me to my picassa photos...don't know why I couldn't get into yours.
    Continuing to lift up prayers!
    Psalms 31:24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address


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