October 14, 2011 - Final visit to the O.R.

Jason had his final visit to the O.R., while he is at Bethesda. He was taken down early this morning where the doctors did some work with the skin graft and then brought back to his room by late morning. I was able to speak with his doctor and was told that everything looks good and we should be able to be out of here in the next two weeks or so (there's a little wiggle room depending on how things go over the next several days). The only down is that he has to remain in his bed for the next two days, and really can't move much. Jason wasn't too happy about that part, but we are looking forward to seeing Bridgette and the girls tomorrow, as they are supposed to be coming up for a visit. They will be talking about what they need to do to make their next move towards Jason's rehabilitation.

While I was waiting for Jason to get back from the O.R. I spoke with one of the volunteers at the hospital. She told me that there was another family who had recently arrived (about two weeks ago) whose son, another Marine, was injured due to an I.E.D. and his injuries were very similar to Jason's. She asked if I would be able to go speak with them, to try to help them through some of the worries they are dealing with right now. I told her I would, and once Jason was settled in his room I went to go speak with the family. Actually there was another procedure that had to be done with Jason, while he was in his bed and room, so I took that time to go speak with them.

They were very appreciative for me spending the time with them, and talking about some of the things they can expect. I also let them know about some of the things their son will be doing with his rehab, as well as some of the new developments I have become aware of with prosthetic development. I probably spent a little more than an hour with them, and was introduced to their other son who is also a Marine, and invited him to come and speak with Jason, Marine to Marine.

Not much else to go over today, I did leave out some of the detail, but then I leave out some detail each day. I want to thank you, for all your continued prayers and support. We have almost gotten through this, so please stay strong and see us through the transition to the next step.


  1. What a gift to the newly arrived Marine's family to get the benefit of your kindness, wisdom and humor, George. Way to go! Mentoring of that type is priceless. Hugs to you all as the plans come together for traveling. Will Bridgette and the girls be coming with you, or later ?

  2. It is wonderful news at reaching the last trip to the OR. The strength and compassion you have to assist the family of the incoming marine is priceless.

    My email is gm@varush.com. Will you please email me? I think Tuesday or Wednesday this comming week is my meeting in Fredericksburg. I would like to arrange to visit.

    Denise Edwards

  3. God bless you both! Cannot even begin to imagine all Jason is having to endure during his healing process. I'm sure he is so thankful to have you there with him. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jason, for serving your country and the sacrifice you have had to make as a result. Hang tough!


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