December 1, 2014

Today begins a busy week for us, though we are not going to have to travel anywhere, and we're quite happy about that. On Thursday, December 4, Jason, Linda and I are going to be speaking at a Medical symposium, about the care of wounded and their recovery... AND about the caregivers who frequently are in the background, doing so much and receiving so little recognition, beyond some close friends and family members.

The next couple of days we, Linda and I, will be working on putting together our thoughts as well as some pictures of Jason's recovery. We began, today, going through a bunch of the photos I've taken, and Linda and I made some initial selections. The tough part about this is that we are probably only going to have about an hour, total time to talk and present, and Jason won't be the only wounded vet there. He will be the most seriously wounded, and Linda and I will be the only caregivers, on stage. The audience is going to be made up of all sorts of people associated with the medical world with a focus on helping these people with their recoveries. We are both excited and intimidated about all of this, and nervous that we might blow the chance to present well. We represent all the other caregivers out there, and I know that some of them have really done a great deal for their Wounded Warrior. And that is what we will be focused on the rest of this week... along with all the other things we need to stay on top of, like the rest of the family.

The girls got up and ready for school, and I walked them to their classes. Linda was still feeling the affects of eating something she shouldn't have, and didn't begin to feel better until around noon. When Stacy came home from school she had some home work she needed to get done, and Linda kicked into that mode of teacher she so very much enjoys. There was also a small craft project that Stacy had, and when they were done with it, it looked very good (Linda helped but made Stacy do most of the work). While Linda was working with Stacy, Jackie was with Jason and the two of them were reading some books. Jackie really hasn't learned to read too much yet, but she likes to try and if you can help her along she does a good job and is happy with herself.

We're supposed to be getting some rain over the next two days, so I won't be getting out on my bike, though I don't think I would have had time anyway. I'm just glad to see rain as we really do need it, I just hope that there is a bunch up north, too. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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