December 19, 2014

Today was really a fun day for Jason, Linda and I (girls are with their mother). We went up to speak with the builders of his future home, and we discussed interior issues, as well as some structural ones. Effectively, the house is designed. It is a matter of getting all the permits done and some of the minor other issues done and lined up. The house is being built to make life easier for Jason, and with the idea that the house is more than just a house, it is his HOME. It is a place where he will be able to do all the things anyone else can do in a house, and he will know he is safe. We are so excited about what is happening, and Linda and I are so very happy to be a part of this. For those of you who are able to find me on Face Book you will see a new video that was recently released by the Gary Sinise Foundation, and it explains the house better than I ever could. Please take a moment and view the video.

The trip up to the meeting took us about an hour, and that was because we (I) got lost (I was driving), so it wasn't too bad. We spent another 2 1/2 hours talking with the team and then we headed back home. Traffic was building up some now, and it still took about an hour to get home. This means that Jason was up in his chair for about 5 hours total, with a couple of those hours being bounced around a bit. That bouncing is what I get concerned about the most. Actually, I found out later from Linda, that the freeway we came back on was now nearly solid bumper-to-bumper and moving very slowly. Linda was out at Target and came right back when she was done. We had lunch and then Jason went to sleep, and that was good.

Linda and I also decided to take care of some of our other important tasks, and that happens to be the need to get the Christmas Cards out. They will be in the mail, in the morning.... Hurray! We ended up sending out nearly 100 cards, and basically stopped at that point. We've compiled as many addresses as we could; Linda had packed our address book and we haven't been able to locate it within the boxes in storage. We sincerely apologize if you were looking for a card from us, and we didn't get to it. We wish you a very Happy and Merry Christmas, as well as a Happy New Year. The rest of this evening is going to be spent just relaxing and getting ready for the weekend. Thank you, for the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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