November 10, 2011 - More Technical Difficulties

Again, I have run in to technical difficulties with my network connection, and therefore I was not able to post until this morning. I will be heading down to AT&T to get them to diagnose the network card I have.

Anyway, Jason had a pretty good day, in that he spent some time down at the C5 gym and then had a dressing change. There was also a retirement ceremony and Marine Birthday celebration, so it was a very busy day here. One other thing that happened was that Linda and I were able to go down to the store that will be supplying Jason and Bridgette with their new specialized bed. It was very interesting to check it out and assuring that Jason will be taken care of after he leaves the hospital.

The dressing change went well, and relatively quickly. He is getting so much better now with his wounds, and they are almost fully healed up now. I would guess that he will be in-patient for another couple of weeks, and then move to the house. Of course I will be moving to the house, initially, with him, and then as Bridgette, and the rest of the family, get here, make my plans to get back to Livermore. If all continues to go as it is right now, I would suggest that I will be back home no later than the first of next year, and then possibly sooner.

Thank you, all, for all your continued support and prayers.


  1. Happy Veteran's Day. Prayers continuing and God is listening. Jason, you are exceptional. George and Linda, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Keep us posted to all of the good news. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE AND SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY.

    God Bless,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Happy Veteran's Day, Jason!!!! Hope you have a blessed day from all of here at DLC L.I.F.E. Diamond Learning Center!

  3. Jason-- THought of you as I commemorated Veterans' Day here at LPC with our Campus Veterans group. They had Veterans visiting from every era including WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and Iraq/Afghanistan. I heard you refered to as Greatest Generation 2.0
    I think it fits.
    Love Carol

  4. Happy Veteran's Day, Jason. I showed my kindergarten students a photo family time line of my father, brother, and nephew who were all in the military (Navy and Marine Corps). My nephew, a marine also, received a purple heart. I used that to lead into the fact that some of our military personnel are still in hospitals. I showed them the picture of you and President Obama and told them that President Obama came by to thank you for helping to keep us free and safe. So we made Thank you cards for you, to tell you that we are Thankful too. There are quite a few, so would you please share them with the other brave men and women we all appreciate so much. They are from my class better know as "The Fantastic Frogs".
    So glad to hear you are back in California and that you will be an outpatient soon!!!! Take care, and THANKS!!!

  5. I'm proud to say that I know someone who fought for my freedoms. Happy Veterans Day! Keeping you and your family in thought and prayers.
    Paula Gentile, Friend of Carol and Tom Hall
    from Pasadena, Maryland

  6. Happy Veteran's Day Jason.

    So happy to hear about your continuing progress! Love, Terry A


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