November 29, 2011

Today was a good day, as Jason went to OT and then on to PT, and all within the Hospital (The C5 gym is in another building across the court yard). First there was talk of doing the dressing change in his room and then go to OT. Then there was talk of taking a shower, new dressing and then on to PT. Then, finally, there is what happened... Lynn, from OT, came in and said she was going to be helping Jason with his shower, and then left. I helped Jason get in to his chair, so he could get to the shower, and he went into the bathroom, and started to shave. I thought this was good, as he was starting to really need a shave, though I seldom tell him that. After he got himself all cleaned up Lynn came back and then we helped Jason get into the shower. It was actually kinda cool as Jason did most of the work himself and Lynn and I pretty much just stood on the other side of the shower curtain while Jason washed himself. The last time Jason took a shower, it was recognized that another bar was needed on the wall, so he could support himself. That bar was put in about 30 minutes before he took the shower. Funny how things get done around here, but what the heck, the bar is there now.

He got back on to his chair and then on to the prone cart, so that the new dressing could be placed back on, and then, just a few minutes after that (literally no more than three minutes) we were headed down to the PT gym, where Jason was going for his work out. Dawn came in to help, since Michelle had to be somewhere else. She worked Jason pretty good, and he was exhausted when they were done. We got back into his room and was getting ready for Jason to get back in bed when Lt. Bary came by and said she had not seen how Jason got back in bed. She had heard that it was a cool one-move swing, so she wanted to see it. Jason just sort of chuckled and reached up to the trapeze and swung back into to bed, like he has int he past. The only trouble with it was that just as he was starting to make the move Lt. Bray was called and she turned her head, and didn't see it; she was disappointed. He will be doing it several more times, so she will have another chance... and it is cool how he does it so smoothly.

Jason had a visitor today, the Honorable John R. Campbell, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy, came by. He stayed for several minutes and we talked about some of the challenges we dealing with, especially with housing, and he said he would be looking into it. He gave me his business card and said he would have his people checking to see how Jason could be helped. He also signed the Red Book and left me with his contact information.

The rest of the day was spent looking at possible housing and watching a movie. I was given access to a housing listing, from the military and Jason and I went through nearly 80 listings. Found a couple of places that we though showed promise, only to find that they don't allow pets. Fortunately, there are still over 1,000 more listings to look at, so for the next few days I will be taking some time to see what I can see. The movie we watched, after dinner, was the Pirate of the Caribbean, the last one they made. It was a silly and sometimes down right funny movie, and it was entertaining. One other thing that I was told happened today was Jason's truck was finally looked at and perhaps we can finally get it shipped out here, so we can close that issue. I'll know more tomorrow.

Thank you, all, for all the support and prayers that have been coming Jason's way. I know you're also praying for others, and that makes it even better. I will be continuing with this blog, as long as Jason is still healing, and once he gets over to the real rehab work, then I don't know if I'll be making daily entries. I suppose I will be figuring that out as we get there.


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