November 27, 2011

Went over to see Jason this morning and he was still having his breakfast. After breakfast he needed to get ready for PT, so that he could get some work on his arms and shoulders. I have to admit, I was not particularly happy with the efforts of the woman who did the PT today, as she seemed to be very low in energy, and without much concern for what got done. I will speak with the regular PT folks and ask that Jason only have better people on weekends, in the future.

Anyway, after PT I asked the nurse to check out some of the dressings that were in need of some attention, so she did and asked the on duty doctor to come by. He did, and said that they bandages did look a little more colored than usual, and that they should place additional padding on, as the dressings were going to be changed in the morning anyway. I said that, that was all I wanted in the first place, but I needed to have one of the medical team do it. Tomorrow, prior to the new dressings going on I believe Jason is going to get a shower, and that is something he is really looking forward to. You always feel so much better after a shower, and there is some real healing done when you're clean.

Not much else going on today. We did have a couple of visitors today, two nice ladies from the Wounded Warrior group, Doreen and Barbara. The difference is that they came while Jason was down at PT, so we didn't have the Red Book with us, so they didn't sign the book. They did leave us with their contact information, and said they would help in locating a house for Jason and his family. We'll get them to sign the book next time they come by - in about a week or so. Otherwise Jason and I watched some football (well, actually only a couple of quarters of two different games); Jason played a video game that he plays on line and I did some web searches for a rental property. Finally, we watched The Green Lantern (the movie), and when it was over I took it, and Super Eight, back to the Red Box. We still have the fourth Pirates movie, and we'll watch that tomorrow.

Overall, I'd have to say it was a good day. The weather has been excellent, and we are both feeling good. We have visitors coming this week, from home, so it is going to be a good week. Thank you, for all your prayers and the continued support.


  1. What a strong advocate you are for Jason.
    God bless...

  2. We're so happy that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that for you all were able to visit with so many family members! Continued healing thoughts coming your way- from all of us at DLC!

  3. So glad the Ross family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    Jason is the inspiration for me during the trying times our country is going through. Your family is what makes our country great.

    My thoughts are with you every morning when I read your blog.

    Hoping you will find the "right" home for Jason and Bridgette soon. I so look forward to seeing the family together and "getting on" with their lives.

    Thanks George....for your daily blog!!!!

    Jason and George ROCK!!

    An Air Force mom from Pleasanton!

  4. Hi George & Jason,
    Be sure to try the mexican food from El Indio. Great take out, a San Diego favorite. On India St, not too far from where you are.Washington exit from I-5. The bag of chips is a must. Bob grew up in San Diego & all his family is there, so we go to El Indio whenever we go down.
    Carol Edson told me about your blog and I'm slowly catching up. God bless all of you in this journey you are on. You are an inspiration to all of us.
    Nancy Clevenger (from 1st Presbyterian Church)


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