November 22, 2011

Well, things are starting to really fall into place now. Linda and I took Jason down to the Healthy Back to select a bed for his new bedroom. Actually, it was kind of funny, when you think about it. The folks responsible for putting everything together so he can move into a new home have been putting mild pressure on us to pick out a bed, because it takes a few weeks to get it ordered. Well, we got to the point of ordering the bed and was told we can't order a bed until we have an address - and we don't have that yet as we are still waiting on those same people mentioned earlier. As soon as we do get a final address we'll be able to quickly order the bed and it should arrive shortly after we have moved in. Another thing that has come up is the creation of a custom seat for his chair, and possibly for his prosthetic, when that is finally built. Tomorrow they will take an "impression" of Jason's bottom and create a seat that provides the best support for him. I think this is probably one of the best things he's heard about in a long time. The seat he currently has helps some, but does not provide a good foundation that he can sit on for prolonged periods of time.

Jason also had some time in the OT and PT gyms (they're actually two different sets of equipment, in two different locations). PT seemed a little upset with OT as she let it be known that she didn't want to see Jason tired out again, and especially tomorrow, since that's when the seat customization work is going to be done. Jason spent a couple of hours at the two respective gyms and had a great workout. He was truly tired and when we got him back to his bed he just wanted to take a nap. The timing worked well though, as he was able to sleep a full two hours before the ride showed up for us to head out to the bed store.

George, Jason's oldest brother, is coming in tonight, to have Thanksgiving with us, and I'll need to head over to the airport to pick him up. Then tomorrow David, Miriam and Dylan will be coming down for the same reason. The sad part is that Linda's parents won't be able to come down, as they seem to have picked up a cold or something, and have decided it would be best for them to not get around Jason right now. Jason was disappointed when he heard, and he understands, just doesn't like it. Sean is not able to get away from work this year, so he won't be here, so we'll have to rely on a phone call with him too.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers for Jason and the others.


  1. Hugs as you all gather for Thanksgiving- will be thinking of you...and am thankful indeed for brave warriors like Jason.
    love c

  2. So glad that things are falling into place! it's just so great reading all the good news!
    Praying right now!
    Psalms 62:5-6 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address

  3. Jason and Everybody,
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving. I thank God for all the brave men and women who have and who are protecting our country with their lives.
    God bless you all and all our troops and their families.
    Paula Gentile, friend of Carol and Tom Hall from Pasadena, Maryland

  4. Dear Jason & the entire Ross Family-
    Happy Thanksgiving! Sending our deepest gratidude to all our wounded warriors, their families and keeping our soldiers in our prayers that are still deployed. When we thank God for our many Blessings, we count all of you twice.
    <3 Your friends at Diamond Learning Center

  5. Dear Jason and Family,
    Wishing you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving..... reading your Dad's blog each day makes me smile and appreciate all you and the other brave young men and women do for us each day.
    Hope your visit with family and friends is a special one.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. To the Ross Family,

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Before we take the first bite of the turkey, we will remember and pray the warriors in Afghanistan and Iraq away from their families, the wounded warriors and their families on journey to the new life in Bethesda, Brooke, and other hospitals, and the fallen and their families.

    We will be thankful the most of the Ross family will be together this Thanksgiving.

    The Edwards Family

  7. I read your blogs every day, don't comment often but Jason and your family are always in my prayers. I wanted to be sure and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving
    Terri Myers

  8. It really sounds like the bed order and the house are kind of like a catch 22. But, I am sure it will all be worked out to your satisfaction, Jason. We have a newborn in our family, Kairo Jayan Karaiyan who will be 2 days old Thanksgiving day. Our son Doug will not come to dinner because he has a cold. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those members of your family who can be there. Peace, Bill Buchanan


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