November 4, 2011

I need to be honest about something. When we first got here I was truly happy to be back in California, and it was great being closer to home. That was about all the positive feelings I initially had. I missed the treatment and care that Jason had received in Bethesda, and didn't feel that same level of focus at Balboa. Over these past few days though, I have begun to become more comfortable with how they do things here, and have gotten to know some of the doctors a little better. I am now feeling that even though Jason is back on the 5th floor - if you remember, that is where he started in Bethesda - he will do very well. One other little thing I need to point out is that while in Bethesda, Jason was in Building 10, and here it is Building 5. And I guess since I'm talking about some of the details, the address here is still - General Delivery, but now its: Naval Medical Center // 34800 Bob Wilson Drive // San Diego, CA 92134. If you had sent anything to Bethesda it will be forwarded to here, as I was able to get that paperwork in.

Jason had a great day today, with a visit from Joe, a former Marine that Jason worked with in Okinawa. They visited for quite a while this morning, and in fact I had to leave to go take care of an errand and they were still talking. Jason got to get out for some PT, and worked with the strengthening bands, all prior to the wound dressing change. The real good news about that is that the wounds are looking good, and they are going to go the entire weekend without another change. AND... we will be getting out in his wheelchair tomorrow. That's good for multiple reasons, but the big one is that it rained all day today and tomorrow it is supposed to be a nice clear day. Timing has worked well with this one.

Jason had more Egg Nog for lunch (I did too) and he is pretty happy with the food from the galley. The nutritionist is working very hard to be sure that Jason is getting what he wants, and that it tastes good. There is still a small challenge with this bed, and that is to be taken care of tomorrow, and then he should be a happy camper with everything. On top of all that, Mom, David, Miriam and Dylan are coming for a visit, and I also learned that there are going to be some other friends coming down for a visit. This should make this a really good weekend for Jason.

Thank you, all for all your prayers and support. We have surely gained for all the love that has been sent our way.


  1. I hope Dr. Malone still has Jason's back and can make some calls to be sure Jason is up front and center!! He deserves the best of care which I'm sure he will get. Hope the bed situation is fixed soon, I would imagine that could be very annoying. The nice rain cleaned out the air here, it was a really nice day today. Have a fun weekend with your family and friends Ross Clan. We're still praying for you all.

    Our best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Thinking of you all as we get ready to head off to the Heifer Carnival at church! Enjoy your new surroundings - both the environment and visitors! So glad the move went well and that things continue to progress... Thank you for continuing to post faithfully, George. Prayers for patience, strength and endurance continue.
    Fondly, Jennifer Geiger

  3. I know it is hard in that the trust you have in the Bethesda team was earned over time...and this new team will also have to earn it. Jason progresses, he may feel that that ICU mentality is not there in terms of speed of handling things. I have seen this upset families and patients...please do let the staff know if you see something needing attention and not getting it.
    Hugs and;...hoping for a sunny outing tomorrow.
    Love C


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