Another day, and another visit to the Wound Clinic. We got a chance to speak with Dr. Salt, from Plastics about some of the efforts being put forth to try to get the wounds closed up, and in one effort it is actually working against Jason. Dr. Salt agreed that the tissue expander would be left alone for the next couple of weeks to see if the "new" wound would start to close. If it does not then the expander would be reduced by a little bit to relieve some of the tension that the expander creates. It is a relatively slow process to get through all this, but then again the effort to grow/develop some of the collagen for Jason is going to take up to four months. All while he continues to receive laser treatment.

Otherwise there wasn't much going on today. He was able to pick up some of his meds from the pharmacy, and that was a bit of a challenge. For whatever reason one of the medications he is supposed to be on, on a daily basis was not being made available to Jason. We went back to the nurse practitioner, who ordered the meds, and she was surprised about their control. She went to her office and made a phone call or two and in a matter of a few minutes she came over to Jason and said all had been straightened out now the meds would be ready.

A little later this evening I went over to the day care and picked up the girls - yes, they are spending another evening with us. They were both happy to see me show up and then when we got home they go to see Larry. Larry started back working with us today, this afternoon. It was good to see him and do some catching up. He is in good spirits and just as big as ever. Jason was very happy to see him and the two of them spent a good portion of the time Larry was here, just talking.

After dinner tonight the girls had their bath and then they went to bed. That pretty much brought me up to the writing of this blog, and so now I finish this and then I am going to go to bed. Fortunately we don't have many appointments tomorrow, so I can sleep in a little. Thank you for all your continued prayers and all the support being sent our way. Take care and stay positive.


  1. Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers.
    Psalms 37:39-40 But the salvation of the righteous is of the LORD: he is their strength in the time of trouble. And the LORD shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him.
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  2. Do we get to make jokes about 'Salt in the wound'??? Hopefully Dr. Salt will actually be helpful and listen to you both about the wound management.
    This is amazing cutting edge stuff. I know it is not fun to be the test case for some of these incredible medical technological advances...but I hope that the benefits will be worth it.


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