Well, another exciting day of PT (Physical Therapy) and picking up meds - okay, so that really isn't too exciting. It was nice to have a relatively relaxed day after the procedure of yesterday, so in a sense it was a very positive day and I suppose that can be exciting. Mike, in PT, worked with Jason, on his shoulders and on strengthening both his arms and torso. The Sergeant Major came in a short while after Jason got there, and he was giving Jason a little bit of a hard time, and then Jason turned around and gave the Sergeant Major a hard time. They have been both showing up at PT at about the same time and constantly teasing each other about how fat they've gotten or some other aspect that neither of them show. Actually it is turning into a pretty good friendship, and having a Sergeant Major as a friend probably won't hurt Jason's career at all.

The number of patients has dropped considerably at the hospital, and it is easy to tell just be looking around. I take this as a good sign, meaning that there are fewer and fewer people coming back from Afghanistan with war injuries, thus this is a good thing. Because there are fewer people, going to the pharmacy for a prescription doesn't take very long either, but there is still a need to wait some, just to have them fill the right number of pills or whatever is being picked up. After the pharmacy we went over to building 26 to sign a couple of documents, because I am his NMA (non-medical attendant) I had to sign two of them as well.

We came back to the house shortly after that and then simply stayed home. Jason took his shower, since he did have a good work out at PT, and I changed the sheets on his bed. Lunch was a couple of burritos we picked up and then it was nap time, for Jason. I tried to catch up on my email and a few other things. Dinner came around and finally my time to update the blog. That brings us to right here (reminds me of Space Balls, a Mel Brooks movie, dumb but very funny). Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support, and take care and stay positive.


  1. Would be wonderful if there were less and less wounded there!
    Lifting up prayers right now!
    Psalms 28:8-9 The LORD is their strength, and he is the saving strength of his anointed. Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up for ever.
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