Busy day today, and best description would have to be, a rewarding day.

It started out early, as Stacy had a soccer game to go to, and we needed to get her up early so she could get to the game early enough to get dressed in her gear. We didn't have it with us, so we had to get her to the, game and then she could change into her uniform/gear. She did great and even scored a goal though they don't keep score at this level . Jackie was having a great time on the side, while grandpa chased her around the field. The game ended and before we left Jason was able to receive some of the pictures from her team and the official photos of her play. While there Gracie was well behaved and really wasn't much of a distraction, from what I could tell.

After the game Jason wanted to head on over to the Uniform Shop, on MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot), and since that was where we were it was pretty easy. About two weeks ago Jason had gone over to the Uniform Shop and told them that he wanted to get a new dress blue jacket. Obviously he has changed in size, in different ways so they said it wouldn't be a problem. First they found out that they didn't have anything large enough, on their racks. Then they said to head on over to their tailoring shop to be measured, and to bring those measurements back to them. Well, today he brought the measurements back over to them, but before handing the numbers to them he went and purchased all the ribbons and meddles he has earned, a new belt and buckles, and a few other things the new jacket will require. He then gave them the numbers/measurements and they told him that they would not be able to do anything for him, and that he would need to go to Miramar or Pendelton. Because it took so long to get through the meddles and stuff it was now very close to noon, and the girls (and me too) were getting hungry and tired. We decided to head on back to the house.

I fixed them a lunch and got them to lay down for a nap. Jason was needing to lay down to, as he had been up for several hours by now. Once everybody was fed and down for a nap I went up stairs to engage in a conference call with PMI (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter). As it turned out, the timing was excellent and I was able to stay for the entire call, and I felt as though I was actively participating in the group. Actually, I dropped off from the call just as it was coming to an end, but Jackie was making noise and I could hear her so I new I needed to get moving.

I decided to do the old, "breakfast for dinner" selection for dinner tonight and the girls loved it. Stacy actually ate more than Jackie did, and that is very unusual. She really likes my pancakes because she ate almost as much as I did, plus the eggs and bacon. The only down side was that we are now out of eggs... I guess we'll have cereal tomorrow.

After dinner they got their baths, as usual and then tonight daddy read stories to them. Stacy selected a bunch of these books and both she and Jackie climbed up on the bed with Jason and he just read to them. I have posted a couple of the pictures to show what it looked like. I think you'll understand why I decided to take a couple of the pictures. Anyway, after that they were very happy and they both went to bed with no problems at all. Thank you, all for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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