April 19, 2014

This morning started off with our cats both joining us in bed. It was the first time for that to happen in a long time. I enjoyed having them up, with us, though I think it might have made it a little more difficult for Linda to say, "good-bye" to them. After all, she has been their primary care taker for the past three years, and they were her regular companions. The good thing though, is that we can go see them, whenever we want, and have the time... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We got up and I made some oatmeal for breakfast, and it was good, but I forgot to pick up some raisins, so to me, it seemed like something was missing. Anyway, shortly after breakfast we took off to take the cats to their new "foster" home, where they will be staying for the next 6+ months. Glenn and Ann (and their son Nick) will taking care of them until Jason's new house is built. When that's completed we will be bringing them to the new house, where they will remain with us. Ann and Glenn have been wonderful about accepting them, and when we first introduced them to the house Pumpkin quickly made herself at home. Candy will take a little more time. Glenn and Ann have two cats of their own, along with a terrier, so there will be other animals for them to play with. Pumpkin and Einstein (the terrier) were getting along fine by the time we left, so we are pretty comfortable that it will work. We even took the girls with us to drop the cats off, and both of them were pretty excited to see where Candy and Pumpkin will be living, and knowing that we can go see them at any time.

After we got back home it was time for lunch, so we all sat down and had a nice lunch together. Sean had remained with Jason when we took the cats, so it was good to find the two of them just talking in Jason's room, when we returned. I think sometimes Jason misses his brothers a little more than he will admit, but that's okay, because it just makes it that much better when they do finally get together. When lunch was over, the girls were going down for their nap, and Sean and I decided to get out to the property where Jason's house is going to be built. It was a nice drive out (and back), and the weather has been great, so it was a good trip and worth the time to get out to see it.

Tonight, Grandma was working with the girls to color some eggs. Yeah, she did it the old fashioned way with vinegar-die and hard boiled eggs. The girls were amazed at what she could do with the different designs, and especially with a wax pencil. Actually, there were only a few eggs to color, as we don't want to "loose" any with the egg hunt tomorrow. The egg hunt will be happening after we get home from church service tomorrow, and I am hoping that Jason might be able to get up long enough to see the activity tomorrow. It is a bit of a long shot, but I can still hope.

Dinner tonight was simple, spaghetti and salad, and it went very well. Sean had plenty to eat, as did the rest of us. Not sure what we will be doing for breakfast tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be something good. Thank you for all your continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


  1. Happy Easter to you all!! Dying eggs and egg hunts ... so much fun and so many memories being made. Maybe you'll post an Easter picture for us?


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