April 30, 2014

An interesting day, and and interesting evening - I enjoyed both...

Started out with taking Stacy to her class and realizing that I had forgotten her bathing suit. Today is a water day (a very warm and dry day here in San Diego), and Stacy really wants to participate. I headed back to the house and knew that shortly we would be heading over to the Naval Hospital at Balboa, for Jason's appointments, as well as over to the Child Development Center (CDC) to get Jackie to her class. That's okay, we'll see them again on Friday.

While at the Hospital Jason had his wounds checked at Wound Care and things are really looking good. Dr. Shoemaker took some photos and was very pleased with how his treatments were looking. Everything is closing up nicely and though there are a couple of spots that need to be watched closely, overall Jason is getting better. The biggest question seemed to be about his chair seat cushion and how it was going to be redone. The next stop was with Ophthalmology where they were very happy with the progress of his eye. We ran into Dr. Shue while there (he tried to make it to Wound Care but Jason was gone by the time he arrived) and he wanted to get a better feel for how Jason was feeling and doing. It was a little longer visit than I had hoped for, but that's okay we still got out soon enough (before noon).

We ended up making a quick stop at the pharmacy, to order more meds and then we headed on home. At home Linda was working on some paperwork and doing her best to get the place just a little more organized and effectively, livable. She's doing a great job so I think I might need to get her a surprise gift or something. Anyway, we were home for about 30 minutes when she asked if Stacy had her bathing suit (remember, from above) and I said, it still needed to be taken over there. So what did Linda do, she got up and took it to Stacy, and I was kind of happy about that as it gave me a short break. Stacy was happy about it too, as she thought, "Grandpa had forgotten about it." Right after that we had a couple of visitors, Tom Lightner and Fred Thomson. It is always good to see these two gentlemen, as they continue to work to help the guys in their recovery. Just as they were getting ready to leave Joselyn showed up and she was ready to take over the care of Jason for the evening.

After that, Linda and I were off to run a few errands and then take off for our dinner with Robb Frank and his wife Pauline. It was great just being able to sit down with two folks who understand some of what we're going through (their son lost a leg, and other injuries). They prepared a great dinner and even better was the conversation. We stayed a little later than we originally planned, but that's okay, Joselyn didn't mind being with Jason, and it wasn't too much later. Soon we were headed home, and thus the end of the day. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and support. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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