November 22, 2013

I got up this morning and checked on Jason - he was fine. It was early so I decided it was a good day for another trip to the gym. I'm easing into the working out world again, so I mostly work on aerobics and only hit the weights lightly. I still generate a good sweat and when I'm done I head back to the house. Jason has no appointments so I simply go upstairs and take a shower then come down and help Jason with his shower. After the shower he wants to head over to Best Buy to pick up his new X-box One (I think that's how it is written). He ordered it a while back, because he didn't want to have to wait in line to get one. We actually arrived at Best Buy before they were opened, and that surprised us.

I would have thought that getting this close to the holidays the stores would all be opening at 09:00 at the latest, but not Best Buy - they open at 10:00. Anyway, we didn't have to wait very long, and once in the store Jason was the second person to get a unit at the Store Pick Up counter. I would guess our total time was about 15 minutes, and a large portion of that time was spent just chatting with folks, outside the store. I know that Best Buy was having some difficulties a couple of years back, along with a few other stores that went belly up, but it looks like they have been able to survive, at least so far.

After we had his new toy we went over to the Base, where we had been invited (all parents and grandparents were invited) to a turkey lunch. When Jackie saw us walk into her class she was so excited and jumped up and ran over to greet us. She was talking about 100 miles an hour and doing her best to take bites from both Jason's and my plates. It was great fun until it was time for us to go. Jackie was no longer happy. She thought she was going to be leaving with us and when we had to tell her we were leaving and she was staying she started to cry and ran over to the corner and laid down. The teacher said things like that happen sometimes, so we left. We did get to have our hugs and kisses before leaving, so it was a little better.

The rest of the day was laid back, and since it was raining most of the day, that was okay by us. I did clean up around the house in the morning and did a little laundry (that is kind of a never ending effort), so tonight all I had to do was figure out dinner. We had burritos, and I guess mine was a little heavier than I thought it was going to be, because after eating it I quickly felt like taking a nap. It was beans, rice, cheese and chicken, with giant tortillas... Jason's was the same. Not sure what will be happening tomorrow, as typically we go to Gracie's training, but with the rain it may be canceled. I guess we will see in the morning. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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